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#RedBranchWeekly Quit Being a Judge At Work, Hiring Practices Candidates Love, Beyond The Big 3, Hiring Hacks, & Improve Retention Rates

Red Branch Media has had a very exciting week! Check out some of our client wins and new developments.

This week in The #RedBranchWeekly:

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5 FAQs for the Video Interviewing Process (@grjobinterview)

When video interviewing first came out there were a lot of people that were apprehensive about the software. Now people are just concerned with how functional the software is. Green Job Interview breaks down the five most popular video interview questions and answers them all for you.

Quit Being the Judge at Work (@herdwisdom)

There are a lot of times when people can make snap judgements about another person. This can lead to someone instantly being turned off by a job applicant and can really lead to quality talent not ever getting a chance. What would the job market look like if we had to wear a blind fold while interviewing a client? Would you give a less attractive person the job?

3 Hiring Practices that Candidates Love (@VisSoft)

People are now changing their mindset to treating their candidates like customers. Why you might ask? Well, did you know that 49% of candidates have some relationship with the company. That’s almost half of your candidates that are already interested in your company. You should be treating them well. What if they have a bad hiring experience and choose to quit being a customer as well? Not good.

Using “The Other Three” in Social Recruiting (@recruiterbox)

How do you go beyond recruiting just on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter? Well, recruiterbox wrote this article on how you can recruit candidates on Vine, Instagram and Pinterest.

9 Unexpected Hacks in Hiring (@recruiterbox)

Who doesn’t like a good hack? In fact, entire work cultures have been based off the hacker mentality. Finding a faster, cheaper or more efficient way to do things is intrinsic to most HR and recruiting professionals.

The term “work smarter, not harder” comes to mind when developing hacks in business. Thinking outside of the box to get something accomplished is what hacks are all about.

3 Interview Questions that Will Improve Retention Rates (@MarenHogan)

There are a ton of interview questions that we could go through but this week we talk about interview questions that will benefit you and the candidate. Retaining your key employees will save your company thousands of dollars, so why not start from the beginning?

Reasons to Switch to Video Screening (@grjobinterview)

I thought the reasons to switch to video interviewing was obvious but there are still some companies not taking advantage of this amazing technology. Read this article to learn how you can benefit from video interviewing and save your company some money!

Training is Part of the Company Culture (@VisSoft)

Taking care of your employees should be every employers game these days. Not only do employees love relaxed hours, exciting perks, but they also should love learning. Don’t you hire people because of their passion for your company or industry? Keep in mind that training your employees will allow them to perform better which will make your company more successful. Keep training in mind when you are thinking about your next employee engagement tactic.