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#RedBranchWeekly: 5 Best Practices to Help Your Business Bloom This Spring

It’s almost officially Spring, and the first quarter has come to an end. It’s time to ramp up those business strategies and put your business into high gear. In this week’s #RedBranchWeekly, we give you some tips that are sure to help. ClearCompany starts it off by giving some best practices when candidate sourcing. After that, iRevü explains the importance of giving feedback to Gen X, along with how to do it.

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business bloomClearCompany: Top 9 Candidate Sourcing Best Practices

Candidate sourcing is a very specialized and difficult position. Sourcers or researchers must use multiple platforms to find the most qualified candidates for a given job. Where those candidates are found can be hard to pinpoint: 78% of candidates use social media in their job search, but the best candidates for a position may be hidden somewhere else. Read more…

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business bloomiRevü: 3 Ways to Give Feedback to Gen X

If you’re fascinated by performance feedback and building a performance culture within your company, you likely know exactly how much feedback your Millennial employees need. But while Millennials are soon to be the largest generation in the workforce, there are many others in your company who need feedback as well. Keep reading…

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business bloomPeopleTicker: The 3 Most Influential Factors Procurement Has On The Contingent Workforce

The responsibilities of the procurement department has evolved throughout the years as they take on new and different tasks such as travel, meetings and events as well as the contingent workforce. Take a look…

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business bloomKaren.ai: 3 Recruitment Tasks Supercharged with Artificial Intelligence

The recruitment process continues to lengthen as the search for highly skilled talent increases, the fear of making a bad hire remains and the quality of active candidates is lacking. The average time to fill doubled from 2014 (22.9 days) compared to 2010 (12.6 days), and many reports point to the fact those numbers have increased even more from 2014 to 2016. Read more…

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business bloomCyberGrants: What CSR Pros Need to Know About Integrated External Engagement

For corporate social responsibility (CSR) to be successful, companies need to incorporate interaction with every stakeholder into decision-making, no matter the level of the organization. Traditional corporate philanthropy efforts are not delivering what companies — and society — need. As consumers continue to demand CSR efforts be present, companies must take a step back and find the most effective approach to CSR. Read more…

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