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#RedBranchWeekly Military Recruiting Tactics, Cleaning Up Your Recruiting Process, & Creating Fans With A Rejection Letter

Red Branch Media has had a very exciting week! Check out some of our client wins and new developments.

This week in The #RedBranchWeekly:

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What We Can Learn from Military Recruiting Tactics (@grjobinterview)

You have seen the commercials and you probably know at least one person in the Military, but have you thought about how great their recruiting strategy is? Take a moment to really think about it and then read this article to apply some of their tactics to your strategy.

Spring Cleaning Your Recruiting Process  (@grjobinterview)

There are a lot of things we can do to improve processes all around but have you thought about cleaning up your recruiting process? What about adding a new technology to help streamline the process and save you money?

Is Your ATS Holding You Back? (@recruiterbox)

Improving as a recruiter and as an organization starts with technology that empowers. Outdated technology creates a ceiling for recruiters, inhibiting their efforts with inefficient processes.

Creating Fans with a Rejection Letter (@VisSoft)

There are a lot of recruiters that forget that their candidates can actually be their customers. So when you are rejecting a candidate in a letter remember to be genuine and respectful. HR pro and Inc. contributor, Suzanne Lucas goes so far as to say that if a recruiter has asked a candidate to come in for an interview, and then doesn’t bother to send a rejection letter, that recruiter should be fired. What do you think?

Let Your Freak Flag Fly! (@herdwisdom)

There have been a lot of times where we have written about not hiring the typical employee. What I mean is someone that clearly fits into your culture, someone very normal, and someone that will do the work and that’s about it. Creating an environment that allows the oddballs to speak and be heard can have a huge impact on the work environment, as well as performance.

3 Action Items for Your Recruiting Process


In this post Visibility Software helps you take three parts of your recruiting process and helps you put plans in to action. Tailoring your job descriptions, Adjusting the kinks in your application process and conducting collaboration meetings are just a few things you can get started on.