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#RedBranchWeekly: 7 Recruiting Tips to Nail Your Next Interview

All the questions.

This week, our clients dug deep into well-known practices to find out what makes them so valuable and how they can be improved upon. ClearCompany evaluated a popular employee assessment practice, and Visibility Software examined what makes communication skills so important. GreenJobInterview published an infographic that’s full of tips for both the interviewer and interviewee, and Broadbean declared 2015 the Year of the Recruiting Culture.

 All the answers.

There’s so many answers to your recruiting and hiring questions in the #RedBranchWeekly, but I’ll let you find them for yourself.

GLights, Camera, Action! Video Interviewing Tips for Both Sides of the LensreenJobInterview: Video Interviewing Tips for Both Sides of the Lens [Infographic]

Camera shy? Nail the interview whether you are the interviewer or the interviewee with Lights, Camera, Action! See the infographic…




Recruiting-CultureBroadbean: 2015: The Year of the Recruiting Culture

Move over “company culture”…Broadbean declares 2015 the Year of the Recruiting Culture. See why…






Recruiterbox: #FirstInHR: How to Recruit and Hire Like a Pro

In order for the business to grow, the owner gives the HR and recruiting tasks to you so they can spend more time developing the business. The problem: you’re not trained, you’re not experienced, and you have limited resources. As a non-HR professional, what are you to do when you have HR tasks? Find out…




Communication-SkillsVisibility Software: What Are Communication Skills and Why Do We Need Them?

Recruiters and job seekers alike see the words “Communication skills” plastered on just about every job ad they read or write, and with good reason. But why do they matter?





Stacked-RankingClearCompany: What is Stacked Ranking? Should You Use It?

Stacked ranking is perhaps the most notorious employee assessment method, as its uses and pitfalls are talked about endlessly in the recruiting and manager world. But what is it? Should your company even use it? Find out now!




Part 2Reviewsnap: How to Grow Part 2: Compensation Motivation

When employees understand how their achievements are valued and rewarded accordingly, motivation and engagement improve. Keep these things in mind when planning compensation for 2015. Read on…






Employee-Engagement-TipsHerd Wisdom: Warm Up Your Office With These 7 Employee Engagement Tips

What you want to achieve in your organization and how you accomplish those goals are dependent upon the engagement of your employees. How? Find out here…