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#RedBranchWeekly Video Screening and March Madness, Using E-Verify, Flex Work, Improve Your Hiring Cycle, The Bad Boss Epidemic, & Building Brand Ambassadors

Red Branch Media has had a very exciting week! Check out some of our client wins and new developments.

This week in The #RedBranchWeekly:

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How Video Screening is Like March Madness

Do you feel like you are sometimes overwhelmed with all of the candidates in your talent pool? Don’t worry, there are many other recruiters and hiring managers that feel the same way. Video interviewing can help! It allows recruiters to record one set of screening questions and send them to as many candidates as they want via an email invitation. So, why not?

E-Verify: Why It Should Be Part of Your Recruitment Process

What screening processes do you put your candidates through besides the interview and phone screens? Clear Company says you should start running your candidates through E-Verify. E-Verify will help you ensure that your candidates are actually eligible to work for you and can continue going through your hiring process.

5 Reasons to Embrace Flex Work

We at Red Branch Media especially love flex work!! Being able to offer this benefit to your employees will keep them happy and super motivated at work. Some businesses are afraid that employees might slack off or that they won’t be able to communicate to them as well. We have discovered first hand that is not the case. Read more in this article on how your company can embrace flex work.

5 Ways to Use Video in Your Hiring Cycle

HR Analyst at Software Advice, Jennifer King said: “The best way to establish an employment brand is to depict an authentic employee experience. If job seekers can visualize what it would be like working at your company, you’re likely to attract a pool of enthusiastic applicants who truly know what they’d be getting into.”

Cure for the Bad Boss Epidemic

Have you ever experience a boos that was the worst? Most people have. In this article they actually talk about how you can avoid your boss being mean and how to impress him/her.

How to Build Your Brand Ambassador Team

Being a Brand Ambassador sounds like the best job in the world to me. I actually picture myself working at Zappos, Google, or Netflix as the Brand Ambassador. For me, the job sounds like I get to pass out lunch, hold fun meetings, and give away prizes all day while talking about how amazing my job is! Now I just need to convince one of these companies to give me this job!

The Culture Interview 101

You’ve heard it enough times, “Hire for cultural fit, train for skills.” It makes sense, it creates cohesive workforces and reduces retention rates –but how exactly do companies assess a cultural fit? Companies like Zappos that are known for their focus on cultural fit and employee engagement have taken to adding a whole other interview to the hiring process, called the culture interview.