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#RedBranchWeekly: Are you an emotionally intelligent leader?

Enthusiasm. Empowered. Inspired. Confidence.

leaderThose are the 4 key emotions that lead to employee engagement. How often do you feel them in the workplace? Check out this article from our client Herd Wisdom. It takes a look at the role emotional intelligence plays in engaging the workforce. Plus, it’s full of interesting findings and stats. If you’re a leader in any way, shape or form, then this week’s for you!

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This week in the #RedBranchWeekly:

Recruiterbox: #FirstInHR? Determine Your Hiring Timeline in 1,2, 3!

When you first start hiring for your small business, chances are you’re not going to have a solidified process in place. Larger businesses have the luxury of talent acquisition pros and other hiring professionals as a resource, but if the hiring duties are solely left up to you and your small team, it can seem overwhelming… Read more!

ClearCompany: 7 Statistics that Will Change Your Mind About Talent Forecasting

The workforce is changing, and likely so are your talent needs. The Boomers are trickling out, while the Millennials are pouring in, the tech sector is booming, and nearly everyone is having trouble getting their hands on candidates with the right skills. Proactive recruiting tactics are now more important than ever, and here’s why… Read more!

RecruiterVisibility Software: 5 stATS for the Dollar Conscious HR Professionals

Making a large purchase for the company – like an ATS for example – isn’t a simple decision. A negative candidate experience can damage your company branding and, likewise, the employer brand. Considering 46% of applicants have a poor candidate experience, make sure you have the right tools. Read more…

GreenJobInterview: Interviewing Techniques That Pique Millennials’ Interest

Millennial unemployment is higher than the rest of the out-of-work population. Of the 6.2% of the American population that is unemployed, 40% of them are Millennials. Why are these rates so high? Because current professionals are wary of the young professional stereotypes. With little more than an unpaid internship with just enough work to count for university credit, it isn’t just intimidating for the 20-something in the interview; it can be daunting for the interviewer as well. So then comes the question: how do you interview a Millennial? Read more…

Emotional-IntelligenceHerd Wisdom: The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Employee Engagement

Traditionally, bringing emotions into the workplace has been considered taboo, or even looked upon as a weakness. Well, with a13% engagement rate worldwide, we can see how far that archaic corporate notion has gotten us. Read more…

HR Acuity: Out of My Control (Part 2): Enhanced Whistleblower Protections

In this second installment of our series aimed at those out of control issues that organizations face in mitigating employee-related risks, we discuss what a “whistleblower” is, what legal and workplace protections whistleblowers have, and how the enhancement of those protections affect organizations. Read more…

Vitru: 5 Must-Have Tools for Managing Flex-Work Teams

The way we work is steadily changing; traditional 9-5 jobs are turning to flex hours and workstations are wherever you can bring a smart device. If you aren’t already part of the flex work movement, with about 29% of full time employees having flexible work schedules, it probably won’t be long until your organization taps into this opportunity. Read more…

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