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#RedBranchWeekly: Baby, You’re a Firework

It’s fourth of July weekend and I know everyone here at the RBM office is excited for the holiday! This week our clients gave out some firework worthy content that is sure to help you get it right the first time. ClearCompany gave the 3 best things that the best ATS must do for you. Broadbean let us know if there is gender bias in our job ads and how to make sure to avoid doing so. GreenJobInteriew helped us integrate video interviewing into our company culture and how it can support our quality of hires. If you’re ready to be the firework in your department, keep on scrolling for the rest of the advice our  clients gave this week!


best-applicant-tracking-systemClearCompany: 3 Things Only the Best Applicant Tracking Systems Do

If you’re just now starting your quest for the best applicant tracking system out there, we feel for you. There are hundreds of applicant tracking systems out there, and many of them come short. Some of them don’t have basic features every ATS should have. Learn the 3 things that an ATS should absolutely have…


Job-AdvertisementBroadbean: Is There Gender Bias in Your Job Advertisement?

You’ve been trying to increase the number of women (or men, depending on your industry) in the office. You’ve assessed the company culture, diversity objectives, and even the types of positions to account for the difference… but you’ve missed one key attribute. The job advertisement. See just what might be wrong with your advertisement…


online-interviewingGreenJobInterview: 5 Ways Online Interviewing Can Support Your Company Culture

Culture may be a buzzword, but it matters to just about any workplace. No matter what culture your company might have, you want to hire for it, which can be difficult for several reasons. How do you test for the qualities that make your company what it is? Check out what you should be doing to help hire for company culture…


costs-employee-benefitsThe Olson Group: The Hidden Costs of Employee Benefits You Need to Unveil

From a new hire’s perspective, there’s nothing better than working for a company that is not only great to work for but also provides a slew of employee benefits. From the employer’s perspective… the clouds don’t paint such a pretty picture. Benefits can be expensive. Learn what hidden costs you should be unveiling now…


Cultural-FitVitru: How to Interview Like Barbara Walters to Identify Cultural Fit

As a hiring manager, you’ve been tasked with fine-tuning your skills in finding the qualities of the company and candidate characteristics that match. You’ve spent enough time coaching employees to understand what works for your team, so your interviewing skills are near pristine. Check out how to use those skills to make the best hire for cultural fit…


new-hire-onboardingClickBoarding: Get More Efficient with Your New Hire Onboarding. Here’s How:

Companies overlook new hire onboarding. It’s what they do. They’re so busy sourcing, interviewing, and hiring new candidates, they forget that what you do after a candidate accepts the offer is just as important as all the steps that lead up to it. Get your new hire onboarding together efficiently…