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#RedBranchWeekly: Boost Your Recruiting Strategy With These 4 Tips

There has never been a more competitive time for hiring top talent. Businesses are expanding recruiting budgets and recruiters are having to put their marketing hats on to be able to speak with desired candidates. With an increasingly flexible workforce, candidates can apply remotely all over the globe. This means that competition is no longer just local, recruiters will have to compete with companies all over the world. To help you gain top talent, we have compiled four recruiting tips that will help boost your strategy. ClearCompany starts by showing you how to measure cost per hire the right way. PeopleTicker then gives some insight as to why recruiting the right-priced talent matters so much to your business.

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recruiting strategyClearCompany: Cost Per Hire: How to Calculate It the Right Way

Almost constantly, talent acquisition departments are pressured to reduce their cost per hire. Finding the right balance in your company’s cost per hire can be tricky. You’re trying to please everyone from your CFO to senior executives all while providing quality talent to the hiring managers who are desperate to fill an open position. Read more…

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recruiting strategyPeopleTicker: Why Recruiting Right-Priced Talent Matters So Much to Your Business

With the current hiring climate, many hiring managers are saying it’s harder than ever to hire the right talent. And by right talent, we mean people with the right skills and at the right price. Research shows the average job vacancy is around 26.1 working days, a problem typically blamed on the lack of available talent. Many companies’ approach to compensation hasn’t evolved and is ineffective in today’s rapidly changing talent market, which has become a large obstacle in recruiting the right-priced candidates. Take a look…

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recruiting strategyUniversum: 10 Things Recent Grads Are Looking For In A Company

Get ready, because 2017 graduates are about to enter the workforce. Is your company prepared to offer these Millennials what they want? You may think that the new ping pong table or beer on Fridays is all it takes to attract these graduates, but you’d be surprised to know that a majority of them would rather receive feedback, work for a socially responsible company or even a company that has a better work-life balance over the fun office stuff. Check this out…

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recruiting strategyCyberGrants: Investing in Corporate Philanthropy: Why it Matters More This Year

For those in HR and talent acquisition, one of the biggest topics is how the workforce of today, particularly the millennial subset, gets engaged in the corporate social responsibility of their workplace. Both employees and job seekers monitor brands before deciding what products they buy, services they use and careers they take, based in part on the moral standing of that company. Keep reading…

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