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#RedBranchWeekly: Boost Work Culture with These Performance Management Tips

What’s it take to boost your work culture? Some good ole’ performance management, that’s what! Our clients had some perfect tips this week to make it happen, too. ClearCompany gave away 5 ways to cultivate work culture and engage your employees. Reviewsnap shared some lessons from the champ himself, Ali, on how to give performance reviews that win every time. iRevü offered some advice on feedback goals and how to make them happen. Check out some more tips from our clients this week in this edition of the Red Branch Weekly and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter… All the cool kids are doing it.


work_cultureClearCompany: 5 Ways to Cultivate Your Work Culture and Engage Employees

Creating an amazing work culture that clearly shows who you are as a company all starts with leadership. When leaders create a work culture that matches what they envision, it starts to become part of the company DNA. Learn more…



performance-reviewsReviewsnap: Lessons from Ali: Give Performance Reviews Like the Champ

Do you want to become “the greatest” at performance reviews? Or better yet, do you want to reach the point when you can proclaim, in the words of the late, great, Muhammad Ali, “I’m not the greatest, I’m the double greatest”? To clarify, performance appraisals are not the same as boxing. Far from it. Keep reading…



feedback-goalsiRevü: 5 Pieces of Key Advice on Feedback Goals

What is the point of your feedback? Does it have direction and purpose? Take a look at this series of articles to discover the ins and outs of five important feedback goals you should implement to develop and motivate your employees. Read more…



work cultureCyberGrants: Beyond Agendas: How Grantmakers Collaborate to Do Good

Collaboration lays the foundation for multiple stakeholders to effect change. Whether it’s a societal issue or a policy change in question, the sharing of ideas, practices, and funding between foundations and nonprofits can be the most effective approach for results. Collaboration in grantmaking comes in many forms. Learn more…



new-managersClick Boarding: Pass the New Manager’s Trust Fall with Onboarding

The onboarding experience of a new manager can mean the difference between a well working team and a disengaged group of employees. Learning to trust a new or newly promoted employee with your people can be a little gut wrenching. Read how to ease the stress…