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#RedBranchWeekly: Building Teams, Increasing Engagement and Tackling Turnover Rates

Singing, dancing and acting. That’s what you call a triple threat in the entertainment business. What’s a triple threat when it comes to being a great manager or leader? Building teams, increasing engagement, and tackling turnover rates. Our clients have just the advice you need to conquer those skills in this edition of the Red Branch Weekly. Check out what ClearCompany has to say about team building, what CyberGrants has to say about increasing engagement and the tips Vector Talent is dishing out about tackling turnover rates.

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team_managementClearCompany: The Road to Rio: How to Build a Gold-Medal Winning Team

Managers of today can take this momentous and global time to reflect on their current situation at their company and with whom they work. Teams in the workplace have a goal to outperform the company’s competition. But forming a high-functional winning team takes a little more than a common company address. Learn more…


building teamsCyberGrants: Building Your Philanthropy Success Story to Increase Employee Participation

Storytelling, despite its slightly hokey-sounding name, is the best way to encourage participation and to convey the meaning of your cause. Use this worksheet to build your organization’s own CSR success story. Read more…


team buildingVector Talent Resources: Hiring for Nonprofits: How to Tackle the Rising Turnover Rates

With over 1.4 million nonprofit organizations contributing $905.9 billion to the U.S. economy and giving back $358.38 billion to our communities, the need to sustain the stimulation of this industry is ever more present. The problem? Find out…


learning-at-workReviewsnap: Now & Then: How Learning at Work Has Changed

Today’s workforce expects something a little different than years prior. When asked about the opportunity for career growth, 76% of employees are hoping their employer has something in place for their development. Learn more…