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#RedBranchWeekly: Building Strong Company Culture

By Kate Bunton:

When I first interviewed here at Red Branch, I was struck by one thing in particular: They knew who they were. I’ve interviewed a lot of places throughout the course of my career, and a lot of them either have no idea what they’re really looking for, or they play some sort of secretive game where they don’t want candidates asking too many questions (red flag alert!). But in my initial talks with Red Branch, they were open and honest—almost to the point of redundancy—about exactly what I should expect; the type of person who thrives here, and the type of person who dives here. They offered up an incredible amount of information without prompting and gave me plenty of time to mull it all over and decide if this place was the right fit for me.

And it was. The team here is one who understands what they’re up against and what their expectations are. We work our little butts off, we’re tightly knit, and we know how to let loose. It’s not for the faint of heart. So, what does it take to build a strong culture and find the right people who align with your values? In this #RedBranchWeekly, we’re turning to our friends at Inspire and Good & Co. who have tips for creating structure from the ground up, and Caliper reveals how you foster a strong leadership to execute your vision. Let’s get into it:

Inspire: Do your Organizational Goals Fit Your Company Culture?


How do you align what you want to achieve with your office environment? If you offer your employees a bunch of soda machines and arcade games but expect them to work 18 hour days, you’re sending some mixed messages about how you prioritize work/life balance. Inspire says it’s up to your leadership to guide the way. Weak company culture contributes to turnover at a rate that’s 34% higher than strong company cultures. Setting the right goals based on values and meaningful conversations can help you build a strong pack.

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Good & Co.: 3 Traits to Hiring for Company Stability


Once you have your values and culture down, you gotta make sure you’re adding the right people to the mix. Hiring doesn’t begin and end with the interview. It’s a whole process that needs to be thought of as such. Making sure you’re clear about what the job is, who you are, getting the right understanding of the candidate, and putting giving new hires a thorough onboarding is crucial to successful hiring. Only 32% of workers really want to stay at their jobs, so hire well, and keep them happy.

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Caliper: How to Build High-Performing Teams by Developing Mental Toughness


The key to building strong teams is choosing the right candidates to lead. Caliper has been doing a ton of research on athletic traits as they apply to the workplace, and have found that those traits can be developed in your employees, too. Caliper says context, communication, goals, and trust are the key to mental toughness and creating a rewarding culture within the workplace.


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