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#RedBranchWeekly: Creating infectious Company Culture

Company culture is a huge part of not only your employee engagement and experience but also your business as a whole. Your company culture is what signifies how your employees grow in their career, improve productivity, and, of course, retain as workers. That is why it’s so important!

So what can you do to master the culture your employees need? Check out these insights from our partners ClearCompany, iRevü, and WCN! They cover multiple aspects including learning, reviews, and recruiting (which is where it all starts). Take a look below and get your learn on!

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woman readingClearCompany: 3 Revelations to Create a Culture of Learning

Did you know only 12% of learners actually apply the skills they gained in training to their job? Because that training happens in the early days of employment, engagement could be suffering. Here’s how to make a change…


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business meetingiRevü: 3 Massive Ways You Can Change Performance Reviews

Performance reviews are an unequivocal pain in the butt for everyone involved. However, they don’t have to be when you use performance management tools. Here’s how iRevü will transform your feedback and reviews!


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happy employee looking at computerWCN: Tap Into this Uncovered Talent Pool Before Your Competitors Do

One would assume the majority of the men and women running the most successful corporations based in the US would have an Ivy League education, but it simply isn’t the case. See why this matters…


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