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#RedBranchWeekly: How to Deal with the Spooky Truths of HR and Recruiting

With the Halloween season upon us, it may be time to face your fears when it comes to that scary employer brand, spooky recruiting practices or trick of an HR department. What do you do when you come face to face with your fears? Take advice from our awesome clients, of course! This week ClearCompany is giving advice on what to do when your employer brand goes bump in the night. Vector Talent Resources let us know how your HR technology may be more of a trick than treat. Finally, iRevü told the tale of the silence of the managers and how it’s affecting your performance management strategy.

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employer-brandClearCompany: What to Do When Your Employer Brand Goes Bump in the Night

From ghouls and ghosts to long-leggedy crawlers, one of the scariest things that could go bump in the night is definitely your employer brand. Having a creepy or even invisible employer brand can affect everything from the candidates who apply to the engagement of your current employees. How can you shift your employer brand from trick to treat? Find out…


recruitingVector Talent Resources: How HR Tech May Be More Trick Than Treat

The Halloween season is upon us which means it’s time for tricks and treats everywhere you look. Could the very software you use on a regular basis be trying to pull a fast one on you? The constant chatter about the benefits HR technology can bring to your team and what you thought it was going to be like after implementation is a trick in itself. Learn more…


recruitingiRevü: The Silence of the Managers

Only one thing truly disturbs the minds of employees, and that is when their managers are silent – meaning no feedback or guidance. Just thinking about it makes our skin crawl! Employee feedback is so important that many are finding the lack of it a solid reason to leave and continue employment elsewhere. Create a better feedback culture like this…


recruitingCyberGrants: Consumers, Employees, Society, Oh My! CSR Software Serves Them All

That’s where CSR software comes in; It collates the data from dozens of important categories—from giving campaigns to nominated organizations—to create comprehensive reports and metrics. CSR Software brings together the three most important aspects of corporate social responsibility: Consumers, employees, and society. Learn more…




recruitingTalent Tech Labs: How Beta Testing Helps You – Not Just Your Technology

Feedback from beta testers is a crucial component in the successful launch of any emerging technology. Starting something new, whether it be a practice, hobby, or job, requires a level of trial and error that only following through with a process can obtain. That’s exactly why we believe beta testing is a pivotal step in supporting startups and entrepreneurs in any space, especially Talent Acquisition. See how beta testers give startups unique insight…


recruitingPeopleTicker: 7 Questions to Ask When Negotiating Your Staffing Agency’s Bill Rate

Long gone are the days where staffing agencies specialized in a niche angle within the staffing ecosystem. In today’s evolving market, staffing agencies strive to provide more robust, integrated staffing solutions to be seen as the one-stop, cost-effective shop. Learn how to negotiate bill rate…


performance-coachReviewsnap: 5 Things to Look for in a Performance Coach

Performance coaching is a rather new management technique where a series of conversations are used to enhance employee well-being and performance. The premise of performance coaching is that employee development and productivity can be boosted by setting aside time to analyze how both leadership and employees can take their skills and performance to the next level. Make this work for you…