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#RedBranchWeekly: Dirty Dancing, Dinosaurs and Deviled Eggs

It’s all here in the #RedBranchWeekly. This week, ClearCompany shares with us just how important the onboarding process is in retaining employees. GreenJobInterview gives us insight into how technology is making HR easier, and Broadbean shares how to optimize tools to manage data in a growing organization.

GreenJobInterview: The 4 Elements of an Archaic HR Department

HR can feel like a minefield of byzantine bureaucracy, where something as simple as changing the address on a paycheck takes far more effort than it should. Make it easier…

ClearCompany: Nobody Puts Onboarding in a Corner

Check out a few common mistakes and easy fixes to consider when onboarding new hires.

Reviewsnap: Understanding the Way Minds Work: Think Like a CLO

If you could reduce a good performance management system down to ONE element (hint: you can’t), it would be the ability to do this.

Broadbean: The Devil’s in the Details: Being Statistically Significant

Big data has flooded HR and recruiting articles in regards to candidate assessment. What does this vast amount of information mean on a grander scale? Read more…

Recruiterbox: Internal and External Hiring: Pros and Cons

When do you need to look for experience and when is it okay to grab a fresh face? Find out here…

Visibility Software: Quantity vs. Quality: The Group and the Panel Interview

How do you deal with the increase in volume? How do you adapt the growing number of candidates? See how…