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#RedBranchWeekly Get The Corner Office, Why Your Employees Are Staying, Employee Relations Disasters, An ATS Can Save Your Sanity, and How To Be EEOC Compliant with Video Interviewing

Red Branch Media has had a very exciting week! Our marketing efforts have proven to be the best. Let us prove it to you! Check out some of our client wins and new developments from this past week.

This week in The #RedBranchWeekly:

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Are you working your way up the corporate ladder? Following that succession plan to grab that corner office? In this article, HR Acuity helps you with some great tips to streamline you to the top.

How to Nail Giving a Video Interview

We have written about best practices when it comes to being the interviewee during a video but who is on the other side of the camera? The interviewer. In this article, one of the best tips is being prepared before the actual live interview. Make sure your tech is set up, the lighting is right, and you have practiced some basic questions.

5 Reasons Your Employees Stay

Congratulations if your employees are happy and decide to stay at your company! Do you know why they want to stay? If not, you should know why. As you know, disengagement is a huge problem in todays job market, so employers need to now what they can do to constantly improve their employees work environment.


Have you made a pretty large mistake when dealing with your employees? Don’t worry we all have made some horrible mistakes. In this article, HR Acuity has broken down 4 stories that we have all heard about and gives us the lesson on how to avoid making the same mistakes.

The Wizard Behind the Google Curtain –People

Early this year Google pulled ahead of Exxon in the race to the top of the world’s most valuable companies list. With Apple holding strong at #1, Google took the #2 spot. But how did they do it? Google invests in its employees and that’s where they started! Learn how they did it in this article.

10 Ways an ATS Can Save Your Sanity

As applicant tracking systems become more common place, even in smaller businesses, they are becoming more robust. Most smaller companies aren’t aware of what a good ATS is capable of. 26% of employers use an ATS to manage their hiring process. Are you using one?

How To Be EEOC Compliant with Video Interviewing

While the top-down importance of embracing diversity and creating a fair hiring process is up to organization leaders, our video interviewing software can really help lighten the load when it comes to solid EEOC compliance. It is up to leaders to establish the right values, and the right software to solidify compliance.

Do Your Company Values Perform?

There is much debate over whether company values are chosen or defined. That is, whether values can be picked and implemented, or they have to be already intrinsic to the organization. Do you know how to incorporate values into your recruiting or hiring strategy? If not, this article is full of great points and ideas to get you started.