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#RedBranchWeekly: Finding Out What Really Matters

Knowing the best business practices isn’t always a walk in the park. And, if you’re new to this whole entrepreneur game, it can be difficult to understand what REALLY matters. So, to make sure you aren’t left in the dark, in this week’s edition of #RedBranchWeekly we’re showing you where you main business focus needs to be! Partners of our’s including Universum and WCN are talking employer branding and candidate experience while ClearCompany dives into the world of HR.

Don’t second guess where your focus needs to be! Take these key insights and use them to measure, adjust, and improve your business practices today and marvel at the turnaround your company sees! Plus, get more information about these and other subjects featured on #RedBranchWeekly when you sign up for our newsletter!

employee getting hr certificationClearCompany: How Much Do HR Certifications Really Matter?

Mastery of skill and years of experience are considered crucial to remaining current. However, is there a right way to show that mastery or gain that experience? Take a look…



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job candidates waiting in lineWCN: Ensuring a Great Candidate Experience in High Volume Recruiting

Nothing can damage your employer brand like a poor candidate experience especially when 72% of those candidates share their poor experience online. Here’s what you can do to improve…



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measuring tape on a mannequinUniversum: How to Measure the External Success of Your Employer Brand to Prove ROI

You already know employer branding is a must in today’s competitive market for top talent, but if you’re struggling to get your executive team on board this is what you need to do…


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