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#RedBranchWeekly: How to Get Ready for SHRM

Can you believe SHRM is just around the corner?! Are you ready? There will be HR and HR Tech coming out your ears, so we sure hope you’re ready. Maren and Sarah can’t wait to see everyone there! This week our clients gave out some great HR Tech advice as well as some awesome HR solutions and benefits. Broadbean let us know that content is king and the best content comes from employees so you can boost your employer brand and your exposure. Reviewsnap wants to let everyone know about the link between employee engagement and performance reviews. Do you know what it is? (Psst…visit them at booth #2805 and they’ll definitely chat with you more about it!) ClearCompany gave us advice on how to get from a “good” place to work to the “best”. Going ahead and keep scrolling to get your studying on before the conference…

P.S. If it’s your first time going, or even if it’s not, be sure to check out these 10 things that Maren wishes she would have known at her first SHRM!


ContentBroadbean: 4 Ways to Encourage Employee Generated Content & Why You Need It

Employer branding is everything in the recruitment space. When executed well, the employer brand brings candidates to your doors because they want to work for you. What are some of the best practices to boost your employer brand? Try employee generated content…


Engage-EmployeesReviewsnap: 5 Ways to Engage Employees Before Performance Problems Arise

Productivity, performance, and standards are key facets of your team’s day-to-day work. But before issues with these develop, what can you do? Are there any preventative measures departmental and company leadership can take? Check out the 5 ways to engage employees before problems arrive…


Going-From-A-Good-to-a-Best-Place-to-WorkClearCompany: Going from a “Good” to a “Best” Place to Work

Lists of the best places to work for are a dime-a-dozen, and usually, you’ll see the same places mentioned time and time again. But how do you get from good to best place to work? Keep on reading to find out…


Skinny-Plan1The Olson Group: What’s a ‘Skinny Plan’ and Should You Offer One?

Benefits packages are a norm in the corporate world, coming in varying degrees of non-monetary compensation depending on the organization. Healthcare, usually part of these packages, isn’t always the same. That’s where different types come in, like a ‘skinny plan’, but should you really be offering one. Get the answer…


how-to-answer-the-10-most-popular-video-interview-questionsGreenJobInterview: How to Answer the 10 Most Popular Video Interview Questions

The top 10 questions are what you’d expect — basic information about you as a worker, how you’ve worked, and if you’re willing to overcome a few obstacles to work for the company you’re applying to. Do you know how to answer them effectively though? See how…


Turning-CandidatesRecruiterbox: 3 Ways to Turn Passive Candidates Into Active Ones

For a go-getting recruiter, passive candidates can be a source of frustration. See, while 85% of candidates are open to finding a new job, only 25% of them are actively searching. So how do you turn those 85% into active candidates?


learning-developmentVisibility Software: Adjust Your L&D Program to Meet Changing Workforce Needs

Learning and development programs will change, or at least they should… that’s the reality. Your workforce isn’t the same it was 10 years ago, so why keep the same learning and development programs? See how to adjust these programs to the needs of the changing workforce…


HR-TechVitru: Why Are Small Businesses Turning to HR Tech?

Time and money: two things of which every small-business owner needs more. Entrepreneurs wear so many hats, that there is very often not enough hours in the day to accomplish all that is necessary to keep a company up and running. Check out this and other reasons small businesses turn to HR Tech…