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#RedBranchWeekly: How to Go from Good to Great Manager with These 4 Tips

Looking for ways to impress your superiors and boost the morale of your team? We have just the 4 tips this week from our clients to take you from being a good manager to a great manager! Starting with ClearCompany, they gave us the major benefits of using competency-based management in your approach. Next, Reviewsnap showed off the importance of employee appraisals. Finally, iRevü gave us the insight on why real-time feedback isn’t working for your team.

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competency_based_managementClearCompany: 3 Major Benefits of Competency Based Management

In onboarding, training, performance management and succession planning, a competency based approach provides transparency, consistency and the insight managers need to lead more effectively. Take a look at some key benefits employers reap when they build competencies into their entire talent management process. Learn more…


employee-appraisalsReviewsnap: The Importance of Employee Appraisals

GE, Adobe and Deloitte recently announced they are abandoning their performance reviews for more one-on-one interactions. Why is this trend occurring and what does this mean for your workplace? We dove into the issue and found some stats that may explain the movement. Read more…



real-time-feedbackiRevü: Why Real-Time Feedback Isn’t Working for Your Team

Whether we like to admit it or not, feedback has been a critical part of business management for as long as people have worked. Considering it’s how we learned the basics of living, real-time feedback is in our very nature (how did you learn to tie your shoes, for instance?). Learn more…



great managerVector Talent Resources: 4 Unique Ways a Temporary Staffing Agency Benefits Your Company

With over 20,000 staffing and recruiting companies operating in the US, the staffing industry has “outpaced overall economic and employment growth.” Whether you’re a candidate or a company, the value temporary staffing brings to the world of work is undeniable. Take a look…