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#RedBranchWeekly: HiPo Candidates, The Year of the Assessments & New Collar Jobs

This edition of #RedBranchWeekly gives you a diverse set of insights and knowledge to overall improve your bottom line. On the hunt for some HiPo candidates? We all are! ClearCompany gives some tips on what you can do to attract these kinds of candidates. With employee feedback becoming more important than ever to our current workforce, companies are all on the search for avenues to take to improve performance. iRevü shows you how to define and align company values with employee feedback to increase efficiency. Loving the information we have to give? Sign up for our newsletter and get it all straight to your inbox.

HiPo CandidatesClearCompany: What You Can Do to Attract HiPo Candidates

We’re always on the search for new talent. Someone who can provide a fresh look at current processes or fill gaps in departments with specialized skills. In the past, that would mean classified ads and help wanted signs, but today, in the digital era, that isn’t the case. The new workforce is not only finding you in new ways, their new outlook is changing the way they select who receives their resume. Keep reading…


HiPo CandidatesiRevü: Define & Align Company Values with Employee Feedback

Only 12% of employees in a Gallup study “strongly agreed” their boss helps them set priorities at work. This is alarming, considering employees don’t always have the high-level view of the organizational goals and strategy like its leaders do.While we’re not proposing managers tell employees how to prioritize their work every single day, we know tying company values to employee feedback is an efficient way of moving this initiative along. Read more…


HiPo CandidatesTalent Tech Labs: 2017: The Year of the Assessments

In the past, our focus has been on sourcing and the best ways to find and approach talent in the wild, but today 90% of candidates can be found online in some capacity. We have names, titles, social profile information and, in some cases, even skills and previous work history. The wild isn’t so wild anymore. We’re filing sourcing as a “solved” case. Take a look…


HiPo CandidatesPeopleTicker: New Collar Jobs

As the nation’s largest technology employer, IBM is not the only company facing a global skills shortage. Nearly 86% of employers are struggling to identify qualified workers in critical areas such as cyber security, data science, artificial intelligence and cognitive business. Demand for cybersecurity experts are expected to increase to 6 million global jobs by 2019 and the number of unfilled jobs is also expected to rise: 1.5 million jobs by 2019.  Check this out:


HiPo CandidatesCyberGrants: Shaping Your Culture for Better Grantmaking

Tending to the culture of your organization is important for more productivity. This statement is true in all aspects of business, especially when it comes to improving grantmaking processes. Creating a culture in which trustees and staff are at their best performance isn’t easy, but it is attainable and the outcome allows organizations to ensure the nonprofits they hope to support are successful and strong. Read more here: