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#RedBranchWeekly: How a Hiring Strategy Can Vastly Improve Your Quality of Hires

No one has a perfect hiring strategy — it doesn’t exist. That shouldn’t stop you from striving for one. A good hiring strategy lays out guidelines for screening, interviewing, and, hopefully, recruiting the best fit for your company. Get it right, and you’ll be in a great position to make some quality hires, remote or otherwise.

What are the right steps to forming an almost-perfect hiring strategy? Instead of listing what I would consider the proper steps are, I’ll direct your attention to our partners at IQTalent Partners, Caliper Corp, and Inspire Software and what they have to say about a successful hiring strategy. The almost-perfect hiring strategy that’s best for you is out there; you just need to grab it.

Your #HiringStrategy isn’t perfect. Fortunately, @IQTalent, @CaliperCorp, and @InspireSoftware have suggestions to bring you one step closer to perfection in this week’s #RedBranchWeekly: Click To Tweet

IQTalent Partners: 5 Keys to the Best Startup Hiring Strategy

startup hiring strategy

Pretend you run a small startup. Every resource counts. There isn’t much room for error, especially when you’re recruiting. It can take just one bad hire to cost your company thousands of dollars. Attracting the right people is enough of a challenge already:

“Startups don’t have the power of the positive employer or consumer brand of a well-known company, nor do they have the Glassdoor reviews for potential employees to research. Often, they may not even have an office! Yet, hiring the right employees can be the key to a startup that becomes the next Amazon or one that fizzles out in the first five years.”

The right hiring strategy can make or break a startup, so where do you even begin? IQTalent Partner’s latest article has the information you need to grow your cozy little startup into something much bigger. Startups, more than any other business, need to make sure they get this one right.

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Caliper Corp: Are You Hiring Candidates Based on Their Sales Effectiveness?

hiring for sales effectiveness

To make sure you choose the right hire for a sales position, you need to start with your hiring strategy. Figure out what kind of candidate you’re looking for, and how you plan on finding said candidate. Maybe this means a special type of screening process, like a personality test:

“Sales effectiveness isn’t something that you can identify immediately, but personality assessments help paint a picture of what an effective candidate might look like.”

A personality test might not seem like a good indicator of sales effectiveness. Caliper’s new article argues otherwise. This would be an extra facet to your hiring strategy, but it’s one that will help you make the right hire for any sales position.

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Inspire Software: How Strategic Workforce Planning Builds Strong Company Culture

strategic workforce planning

The right hiring strategy can reinforce and bolster your workforce planning. You want the right company culture, so it’s vital that you help new hires feel at home. The right hiring decisions make this process easier. 

“By implementing strategic workforce planning, organizations can build out a comprehensive talent management process that supports both HR objectives and employees’ needs during hiring, training, and talent development. According to Datis’s 2018 State of the Workforce Study, the majority of businesses expect to see significant growth within their teams, but only 34% of them have an updated plan for employee engagement.”

Inspire’s newest article explains how you can better prepare your company for growth. It helps you properly hire, train, and manage new employees. This kind of planning goes hand in hand with a hiring strategy. With successful strategies for both, your company should see some healthy growth.

How do you prepare your company for growth? @InspireSoftware’s latest article explains how a proper strategic workforce plan can build a strong #CompanyCulture. Check out this great read and more in this week’s #RedBranchWeekly: Click To Tweet

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