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#RedBranchWeekly: How to Increase Your ROI

When it comes to making a business decision, much of the thought behind the verdict is attributed to ROI and budget. As a manager, how do you use this to your advantage, though? We have just the tips you need coming from the experts themselves this week. iRevü gives a run down on how to calculate the ROI on continuous performance feedback and what that means for you and your team. Reviewsnap also weighed in on this subject by letting us know how to get execs to buy-in and give you budget for a better performance management system. Keep on reading for more tips and follow us on Twitter so you never miss an update!


ROIiRevü: The ROI of Continuous Performance Feedback

Return on investment. No matter your job title, all deliverables boil down to how this project can be most beneficial and profitable for the company. When real-time, continuous feedback enters the conversation, there is always mention of Millennials or how the modern workforce needs an endless supply of feedback. Keep reading to learn more…


performance-management-budgetReviewsnap: Getting Buy-In & Budget for Better Performance Management

Companies are very much alive, and they need to be nurtured to evolve and develop alike other living things. In order for growth to happen change must be introduced. When change is introduced, the potential for growth is limitless. Read more…



ROIVector Talent Resources: Risking Business? Hiring Contingent Workers Risk-Free

The benefits of a contingent workforce are unique, but undeniable. Employees who choose to be temporary or temp-to-hire are in the business of finding a niche that works best for them and the employer has the opportunity to introduce diversity and innovation to their team on a regular basis. The risk of contingent talent is almost always top of mind for business owners…


talent_management_-1ClearCompany: Better Innovation Starts with Core Competencies in Talent Management

The connection talent acquisition and management professionals need to walk away with here is that competency-based systems give both employees and managers a clear idea of what their company and team can do better than any competitor. Learn more…