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#RedBranchWeekly: Your Labor Day Reading Material for Management Best Practices

As the long weekend gets closer to bring the unofficial end of summer, it’s time to kick back and relax for three days. What better way to do that than with some prime reading material? Check out these management best practices from our clients this week to make the Labor Day weekend even better.

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hr_best_practicesClearCompany: #HRBestPractices: How to Do the Career Page Right

Candidates expect more. When looking for new jobs, candidates seek out quality employer brands, research benefits and explore company cultures. The attractive companies will be present on social media, have a mobile application portal and will have that reputation of being a great place to work.  Read more…



management-best-practicesReviewsnap: The Quiet Ones: How to Create Introvert/Extrovert Harmony

Some workplaces are full of gabby, fun-loving extroverts. Other offices are quiet as a tomb, inviting visitors to wonder if they walked into a workplace or a library. But most departments are a mixture of both; loud sales teams working alongside their quieter service counterparts. Here’s how to find harmony…



managementCyberGrants: The Many Benefits of a Paperless Grant Management Process

Today, technology knows no bounds. It helps us connect with others across the world, wakes us up in the morning and even adjusts the temperature of our house from our office. There isn’t one process in our day-to-day life that isn’t touched in some way by a digital advancement and that includes the grant management process.



managementTriage: How to Adapt Fast to Different Safety Procedures When Traveling

Making the transition to a new medical job can be overwhelming. Tie in the fact that, as a traveling medical professional, your new job is in a new location and you’ve got enough complications to overwhelm even the most experienced individual. Adapting to a new environment pales in comparison to learning all the new safety procedures at your new assignment. Keep reading…