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#RedBranchWeekly: Boost Your Leadership Skills with These 5 Tips

Being a leader is no easy task. It takes inspiration, tenacity, and hard work. Luckily, our clients have handed out some tips to boost your leadership skills this week. Vitru started out by helping out all of the middle managers out there and giving some tips on how they manage up and down. Reviewsnap told us what leadership may have to do with the problems lurking in performance management. Finally, ClearCompany jumped in to let leaders know they’re not always right and how they can change up the way they lead their team. Check out more leadership skills tips in these posts!


middle-managementVitru: Surviving in Middle Management: How to Manage Up & Down

Did you know middle managers have one of the most stressful jobs? This comes from the fact they are pressured with a high amount of responsibility, yet they only have a minimal amount of authority. Read more on how to make this work…


performance-management.1Reviewsnap: How Poor Leadership is a Lurking Problem in Performance Management

Check out these statistics and see if you can identify the lurking problem in performance management and what (or who) is causing it! Learn more…



leadership-techniquesClearCompany: Changing Up the Way You Lead: You’re Not Always Right

There is no one perfect way to lead. There are leaders that excel because of their impeccable communication skills, their charisma or even the respect their presence demands. But when your leadership techniques aren’t working time and time again, what are you supposed to do? Find out…



performance-managementiRevü: 4 Things Teams Can Learn from Underdogs

There is something irresistible about an underdog story and every year this tournament rolls around, fans wait in anticipation to see who will conquer the country’s top-ranked teams. See what you can learn from the underdogs this year…



onboarding-process.1Click Boarding: Your Shopping Guide to a Seamless Onboarding Process

The need for a superior candidate experience is driving many of today’s recruitment and hiring trends. After all, 79% of applicants decide to apply for a job based off of what they find during their own job search. Learn more…