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#RedBranchWeekly Fix Your Referral Program, Recruiting Company Goals, B2B Marketing, Advice on Employee Retention, & Keeping Your Employees Satisfied

Red Branch Media has had a very exciting week! Check out some of our client wins and new developments.

This week in The #RedBranchWeekly:

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Expert Advice on Employee Retention @grjobinterview

Retaining employees has been a focus for organizations for a long time now. A lot of old practices like giving raises and promotions aren’t the largest reasons why your employees want to stay. Now employees want to feel appreciated, have more flexibility, and also make a competitive wage.

Employee Satisfaction Can Make or Break a Career @marenhogan

There has been a problem with employee dissatisfaction for a while now and while some companies are working towards a solution others are falling behind. Right Management conducted a survey in which they gathered responses from 411 workers in the US and Canada. The survey found that a mere 19% were satisfied with their jobs and another 16% said they were “somewhat satisfied”. The rest were either “somewhat unsatisfied” or “completely unsatisfied.” So what can you and your organization do you start changing the way your employees feel about coming to work.

Pop Quiz for the Recruiting Team: What are the Company Goals? @clearcompany

Company leaders are marching on confidently toward collective goals, but when they reach back for help, they realize their team has veered off long ago. All too often, employees are not aware of the larger goals that leadership is basing their strategy on. Teams and leaders start to drift in different directions when no one is quite sure how their own performance goals align with those of the company.

5 Ways to Dominate Attraction and Retention @herdwisdom

There are a lot of ways that you can create an atmosphere that attracts and retains your employees but do you know what they are? In this article they break down five great tips to help you do just that. In fact, the very first one is all about communication. Who knew that just being open with your staff about goals and business strategies would actually raise their engagement level?

The Dos and Don’ts of Referral Programs @vissoft

How are you marketing your referral program? In this article Visibility Software gives some great advice on how to amp up you referral program. Employers know just how beneficial a strong employee referral program can be, but so many of them are disjointed, across multiple departments and don’t really have a strategy in place. Read the rest of the article to get all the great tips.

Let’s Talk CTAs in Your Recruiting Process @grjobinterview

Your career page and listings should be chocked full of CTAs! Social share buttons should be on every page and on every listing. These should just be clickable icons that allow visitors to share any piece of information on your page.

Additionally, any videos should be accompanied by, “Click here to see…” Even though it is obvious that it is a video, and clicking on it will start the play, we have learned that simply adding a CTA will increase the likelihood of the requested action being taken.

5 Paths to Better Job Descriptions @recruiterbox

We have said to many times, you need to get better at your job descriptions! recruiterbox is fantastic at providing great advice and they are going to help you with just that. Take a look at this article so you can improve and attract more candidates.

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