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#RedBranchWeekly: Employer Brand Tips for the Modern Workplace

Employer branding is a company’s way of communicating their mission and values to both employees and candidates. It takes a deep dive into your foundational practices and beliefs as well as a thoughtful approach to communicating them. If you get the balance just right, you stand to gain amazing new hires and an engaged workforce. If not, you leave it all up to chance. If you’re hoping to be a little more strategic, you’re going to love this week’s Red Branch Weekly. It’s full of employer brand tips from our partners at iRevü, ClearCompany, Talent Tech Labs and WCN.

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ClearCompany: 5 Best Practices to Keep in Mind when Building a Diverse Workforce

An increase in revenue, better job performance, a trusted employer brand and increased customer base are just a few of the benefits of a diverse workforce. Did you know 67% of current job seekers said that a diverse workforce is an important factor when seeking out an employer? The modern worker is not only interested in working within a diverse team, they know the benefits it has to their success. Innovation, creativity and the chance to challenge their skills all comes with greater team diversity. Ready to reap those benefits. Learn the 5 best practices here!

group of diverse professionals working togetherWCN: Negative Employer Reviews: How to Handle Them

The internet has brought about some amazing opportunities for businesses. On the product and service side, there are a million ways to make your offering more robust, as well as a million ways to be in constant contact with your user. User reviews are common practice now and sometimes that means people are leaving their opinion out in the open for your candidates to find. If you happen to have a few negative reviews out there, this post dives into how you can turn the negative review ship around. Read all about here!

hiring manager getting interview feedback from a candidateiRevü: How to Give Employees the Feedback they Need

There is no denying that employees want feedback, but that doesn’t mean they are craving reviews. Even HR leaders and managers are catching on to the disadvantages of waiting for an annual, or even bi-annual review. The best way to help employees thrive is to give them real-time feedback. This short read includes spot-on directions for helping employees adjust their performance and even has a printable guide. Read and download it here!

Talent Tech Labs: An Inside Look into Talent Tech Labs V1 Trends Report

Speaking of trends, Talent Tech Labs has made it a goal to always be watching Talent Acquisition technology. If there’s a mover or shaker just debuting, you can almost guarantee they have known for months. Their Trends Reports are data-backed, feature experts and are always on the cutting-edge of recruiting and HR. Even better, TTL takes time to look back at their predictions to 1, make future predictions more accurate and 2, add a little commentary around what actually happened within the last year of TA. Check out one of those lookbacks here!

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The world of work is under constant change because humans are in no way stagnant. We’re always looking for the next best thing, striving for a new goal and pushing our limits in every industry or practice. In fact, Maren has been jet-setting around the country, talking to audiences and speaking with leaders at conferences like LinkedIn Talent Connect, Minnesota Recruiters, Wisconsin Recruiters and the annual HRTech Conference. These conferences are all focused on rethinking your approach to doing your job, matching it to the workforce’s expectations of the modern workplace. Employer brand and the practices surrounding it are all a part of the new modern workplace.


As a bonus, check out Maren’s presentations Aligning Candidate Persona’s to Actual Recruitment Strategies and Connecting with Candidates: Where, How and When. If you couldn’t make it to any of these conferences this year, you still get the chance to hear her take on some hard-hitting employer brand techniques.