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#RedBranchWeekly: Onboarding and the Revolution of AI

If you’ve stayed up to date on everything happening in the HR and recruiting world you know two things for sure. 1. Onboarding is important (I mean, you probably already knew this though right?), and 2. AI is EVERYWHERE! And, not surprisingly, these two have more in common than you might realize. In fact, creating a way for them to work together is a great collaboration that calls for better candidate experience and better hires (and who doesn’t want that?!) Itching to know more? Take a look below and see what our partners ClearCompany and WCN have to say about the matter onboarding and AI. You just might learn something!

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employer waling through the office doing onboardingClearCompany: The Must-Have Process to Onboarding New Employees

Do you want to make your employees’ first day one to remember? Use this onboarding guide to ensure you don’t miss any steps so their first day is unforgettable!



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mascarade maskWCN: The AI Revolution Unveiled: What’s Really Going On?

Artificial Intelligence. It’s all anyone seems to be talking about, and it’s hitting every industry, market and profession. Learn more…



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