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#RedBranchWeekly: 3 Proven Strategies to Ace Performance Management

Managers spend around 210 hours a year on performance management, while employees spend 40 hours a year. If you spend that much time on performance management, you’re an expert, right? Well, about 90% of performance reviews are painful and ineffective. I don’t need to do the math to know that’s way too high. Don’t understate the importance of performance management. If you’re not able to effectively provide feedback and goals to your employees, they will not grow. 94% of employees would stay at a company longer if it offered them a chance to grow. So, what do you do?

Luckily our partners at Inspire Software, Caliper, and IQTalent Partners are on the case! They’ve got the strategies you need to nail performance management. Read on to learn more:

Managers spend around 210 hours a year on #PerformanceManagement, but are they getting the best bang for their buck? Read this #RedBranchWeekly to learn how to ace performance management: Click To Tweet

Inspire Software: Goal-Setting Software Will Change Your Life

Diverse group of employees researching performance management software

A crucial part of performance management is feedback. You have to provide feedback for your employees to learn and grow. If they don’t know what to change, how can they make positive changes? Don’t wait for an annual review to do this. About 96% of employees prefer regular feedback rather than infrequent, formally structured reviews, which include attainable goal-setting strategies. In this article, Inspire Software gives the lowdown on how goal-setting software can make your workplace better. Give this article a read to see just how it can change the game for your team.

96% of employees want regular feedback. @InspireSoftware can make regular #feedback and continual performance conversations more possible. Learn how in this week's #RedBranchWeekly: Click To Tweet

Caliper: 3 Questions to Re-Examine Your Employee Review Process For the New Year

Diverse group of employees researching performance management software

30% of millennials have admitted to quitting a job after a performance review — but not because they can’t take the heat. It’s because they weren’t getting valuable feedback. Employees don’t only want frequent feedback, they want feedback with value. It’s one thing to be told you’re bad at something; it’s a whole different story to be told what you can do to improve on it. Caliper has three questions for you to ask yourself to improve on making your feedback valuable. Check it out to see how you can enhance your review processes.

#RedBranchWeekly: Looking for advice on how to refresh your #EmployeeReviewProcess in the New Year? @CaliperCorp has 3 questions that will help start the conversation: Click To Tweet

IQTalent Partners: 3 Ways To Win Talent In 2020

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You want your workers to be happy. There’s far more to gain from happy employees than sad employees. One such advantage is retention. 60% of Americans would much rather take a job they enjoy over one that pays better. Here’s another fun fact: Opportunity for growth is one of the biggest drivers of employee satisfaction. IQTalent Partner’s recent article describes this alongside two other significant trends to watch in 2020. Read here to get ahead of the curve.

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