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#RedBranchWeekly Find Your Superstar, Back to the Future, Employee Engagement, Software Issues, & How to “woo” Recruiters

Red Branch Media has had a very exciting week! Check out some of our client wins and new developments.

This week in The #RedBranchWeekly:

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How to Make a Superstar Your Own (@VisSoft)

Superstar talent often has a hard time transitioning. Recruiters and hiring managers must always work with these new employees to ensure engagement, retention and immediate productivity.

“Since 22% of turnovers occur within the first 45 days on the job, it is important to create an employee/organization bond from the start.”

Virtual Work and Back to the Future (@grjobinterview)

We have teamed up with GreenJobInterview to promote their Virtual Work is the Future Survey. It’s a short survey that will benefit HR and Talent Acquisition specialists. Recently, Maren wrote an article on how to create surveys and actually get people to take them. Take GreenJobInterview’s survey.

Herd Feedback Beta is offered Free. (@HerdWisdom)

Have you heard of Herd Wisdom yet? They are a company that proves that pulse surveys can help you stay ahead of your employees disengagement. The surveys go out once a week and are short enough that employees won’t waste a lot of time on them. Once the survey is completed they are rewarded with the opportunity to either play a  game or donate points (which turn into money) to charity. Their Beta version is free so why not give it a try?

7 Fundamentals of Employee Engagement


“According to the 2013 Gallup report, there are 20 million U.S. workers that are so disengaged at work that they actually do more harm than good.” In this post Herd Wisdom explains seven fundamentals of employee engagement. How can your company make a difference?

3 Common Software Issues: Testimonials  (@VisSoft)

Making a decision about introducing a new HR technology to your company isn’t an easy one. In this post Visibility Software explains three common software issues and ways around them.

How to “Woo” a Recruiter and Land Your Dream Job

Earlier last week the Recruitingblogs.com community was asked to give their opinions on how to “woo” a recruiter and you would have a chance to be quoted in a Linkedin blog article. On February 13th the article was published and both Maren Hogan and myself (Eric Foutch) were featured in it. Take a look and share it for us! 🙂

Get Schooled in Social Recruiting Strategies 

In this article, Maren Hogan writes about all the different sessions she attended at her recent conference and also her own. She says, “Nearly every session had one key takeaway, but the underlying theme was that of being better.” What did you take away from your most recent conference?

13 Creative Ways to Use LinkedIn for Lead Generation

13. Be Aggressive

“I’m constantly checking who has viewed my profile on LinkedIn; it’s one part vanity, another part strategy. I sell to a very niche audience and if I see a target customer sniffing around my profile, I reach out to them to learn what they need. Sometimes it’s just to pick my brain but more often than not, they are looking to hire and because I caught them at the right moment, they hire me.” ~ Maren HoganRed Branch Media

We are excited to announce two new clients this week: HR Acuity and Gaucho Group. We look forward to impressing you!