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#RedBranchWeekly: Setting Your Employees Up for Success

Developing employees and forming them into leaders is something every business should invest time and resources in. The ever-changing workforce is bringing in a whole new set of values and expectations with every employee, so what is your strategy in setting your employees up for success? We give your four pieces of information in this #RedBranchWeekly that you will be able to apply to your strategy. First, ClearCompany explains what Talent Success™ is and why every company should strive for it. Then, iRevü gives some employee recognition stats that you CANNOT ignore.

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employees successClearCompany: What is Talent Success™ and How to Drive it

An “A Player” is a top performer that has measurable impact on your business and whose traits and competencies are desirable in being applied to the hiring and talent management process. Simply said, an A Player has the DNA you want to replicate to create organizational success. Keep reading…

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employees-successiRevü: 10 Employee Recognition Stats You Can’t Ignore

Plenty of blogs and news sites have been flooded with the idea of showing more employee appreciation and recognition. Employees want it, but does it actually work to improve the bottom line and boost productivity and engagement? Check out these stats:

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employees successPeopleTicker: How to Cut Costs in Procurement’s Largest Spend Category

People sometimes associate the role of procurement with ordering equipment or purchasing office supplies which is, of course, only part of the description.These functions are often referred to as direct procurement. What’s often overlooked is indirect procurement, which is where the contingent workforce costs fall and just so happens to be procurement’s largest spend category. Read more:

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employees successTalent Tech Labs: TTL On Total Picture Radio Podcast to Discuss AI Trends Report

Talent Tech Labs President, Brian Delle Donne, sat down with Peter Clayton of TotalPicture Radio to discuss our latest Trends Report V7 on Artificial Intelligence from Candidate Sourcing to Engagement and Selection. Take a look at the full script:

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