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#RedBranchWeekly: Technology Can Build a More Diverse Workforce

In the last Red Branch Weekly, we looked at some of the benefits of a more diverse workforce. If you missed it, one important takeaway is: diverse teams do better. That includes in terms of finances and productivity. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for companies to increase workplace diversity. This week, our partners at WCN, ClearCompany and Talent Tech Labs take a look at technology and how it can (and will) help us build more diverse workforces.

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diverse workers using technologyWCN: Building a Campus Recruiting Program Checklist

This campus recruiting guide and downloadable checklist helps hiring teams build a better college hiring strategy. There’s a lot of complications in developing a program that works. These resources help make the case for your campus recruiting program with executives, audit existing initiatives and even choose the right technology. Check it all out here!

professional with colorful scarfClearCompany: Powerful Ways Technology Helps with Diversity Recruiting

A diverse workforce is beneficial, so diversity recruitment is crucial. We’re talking increased engagement, productivity and profits. However, it takes work to achieve. You have to strategize, and consider all parts of your hiring process. This post dives into what small steps you can take in your current program to make a big impact on diversity in your workforce. Read it here!

hand with watch over a laptopTalent Tech Labs: The Future of Talent Acquisition in the Emerging Platform Economy

This exploration through talent acquisition technology holds great insight into the future of hiring and recruiting. If you’re wondering what direction HR tech is heading, there is a lot of great information in this post. For instance, human capital platform technologies are expected to offer additional features like verification, assessment and compliance management. That will be a shift away from the current trend of category-focused solutions. Dive deeper here!

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BONUS! Understand the Differences in Cultural Fit and Diversity

Organizations often struggle to find the balance in hiring a team that fits their culture and welcomes a bit of diversity. The problem generally stems from a misunderstanding. This article dives into the differences between diversity and cultural fit while helping HR teams adjust their recruitment and hiring strategy to support both.