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#RedBranchWeekly: The 4 Essential Pieces Your Hiring Process is Missing

The official start of Spring is just a few days away which means it’s time for… you guessed it – Spring cleaning! And we’re not talking about wiping down the floor boards. We’re talking about cleaning up your processes, like your hiring process, for instance! Where do you start? Don’t worry, our clients have got you covered this week. Click Boarding gave up the 5 questions to start with and weed out your good candidates from the best ones. Then Reviewsnap jumped in with 7 more from some of today’s most successful leaders. After you bring that awesome candidate on, you’ll need a great onboarding process which ClearCompany offered a few tidying tips on. After onboarding comes managing, and what better way to manage than know your employee’s work values? Vitru wrapped up with how to manage based on just that.


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hiring processClick Boarding: How to Identify the Best Candidates with 5 Questions

So you’re looking to hire a new gal/guy for an open position and, of course, you want the best candidate fit. Honestly, how do you determine who’s the best? In an interview, it’s likely candidates are just telling you what you want to hear. How do you separate the good candidates from the great ones? Find out…



hiring processReviewsnap: 7 Brilliant Interview Questions the Best of the Best Are Asking 

The perfect candidate is elusive, a dream, fiction, but it doesn’t stop us from trying to find them which is probably why 95% of companies make hiring mistakes every year that cost them tens of thousands of dollars. Prevent mistakes and save some money by trying these interview questions…



employee-onboarding-processClearCompany: 7 Tips to Straighten Out the Kinks in Your Employee Onboarding Process

Successfully onboarding new employees plays a vital part in new hire retention. In fact, companies lose 25% of their new hires in the first year, making those first few months crucial for companies to make a first impression, start engaging and start setting up new hires for success. Take these 7 tips and get it right…



value-citizenshipVitru: Value Series: Managing Employees Who Value Citizenship

It might seem intimidating to have an employee with such high standards for social responsibility and sustainability, but creating successful teams begins with embracing and understanding the differences of each team member. Learn more…