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#RedBranchWeekly: Top Mistakes to Avoid in the Workplace

Today’s workforce consists of humans and humans make mistakes once in a while. There are some mess-ups we want to avoid at all costs, though, especially as a leader. Our clients laid a few out this week and how to prevent them from happening. Reviewsnap touched on the managerial mistakes that will likely explode in your face. Click Boarding let us know the onboarding mistakes that will surely scare your new hire off. Vitru told us how you should and should not be managing a team with conflicting personalities. Want to know more mistakes you should be avoiding? Keep on reading…


managerial-mistakesReviewsnap: Top Managerial Mistakes That Explode in Your Face

Gallup research reports, 82% of the time, employers hire the wrong person to manage and only one in ten people have the natural talent to manage…Yikes! where are these bad hires going wrong? Is their pending downfall due to lack of real managerial talent? Or is it because of lack of adequate training? Find out…



new-hireClick Boarding: 8 Mistakes That Will Terrify Your New Hire

We love onboarding. Not only does the process engage and prepare employees for their roles, a successful onboarding program unifies organizational goals and quickly brings your talent to their highest proficiency. Planning a program like this isn’t always easy, which means many organizations are leaving a little to be desired. Are you making one of these employee onboarding mistakes?



conflicting-personalitiesVitru: Our Best Advice for Managing a Team of Conflicting Personalities

Work culture is increasingly important, but few managers know how to cultivate a happy, engaged and productive workforce. One way to foster innovation and creativity inside your workplace is to study how employees view and interact with the world around them. In this series, we’ll look at each trait and how it might serve to give us a window into work personality and how they work best!



team-leadersiRevü: 5 Motivational Tips for Team Leaders

As much as we wish they were, teams are not constantly motivated and sometimes need a little boost in morale to get the creative juices flowing. It is a daunting fact only 30% of employees worldwide feel inspired and engaged by their careers.That is where the leaders in an organization come in. Leaders can have a great impact on whether or not employees feel engaged. Are your leaders doing so? Here’s how to make it happen…



implementing-new-techClearCompany: 8 Useful Tips for Implementing New Tech in Your Office

Workplace productivity has increased 84% during the past 40 years because of advancements in digital technology. These 8 tips will help employees afraid of change stay on track while you introduce new, time-saving tech.