#RedBranchWeekly: Use These 5 Management Practices to Go from Zero to Hero

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Holiday season is upon us, and it can be a time where employees start to get off track. Although it may be the slow season for many companies, it’s important not to slow your momentum. We have some management practices to help keep you and your employees motivated. Reviewsnap explains how giving gratitude to your employees this holiday season can increase engagement and productivity. Then, ClearCompany provides some tips on how to talk to employees about the new FLSA updates that start on December 1st. Still not feeling motivated? Sign up for our newsletter for some more tips on keeping employees engaged and staying on track…


ManagementReviewsnap: 7 Benefits of Giving Gratitude to Your Employees

We keep hearing all about communicating and engaging more with employees. Whether it be through performance-based feedback or monthly team bonding events, you should show that you’re paying attention and that you know what your employees are doing. Plus, a little appreciation never hurt anyone. The following benefits prove why engaging and showing some gratitude can help your employees and your overall organization. Read more…


ClearCompany: Struggling with FLSA Conversations? Use These Tips

Recent updates to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) have companies making some tough decisions regarding employee statuses within their organization. Whatever way your company chooses to go to remain compliant, the fact remains employees will be feeling some pains right along with their employers. The way you choose to communicate these changes is pivotal to the engagement and satisfaction of your workforce. Follow these tips


Vector Talent: Thank Our Veterans by Making Them a Part of Your Year Round Recruitment Strategy

While we salute our US Military Veterans this week for Veterans Day, let us be reminded that hiring veterans should be part of year-round recruitment initiatives. With a United States Military spanning 7,000 positions within 100+ functional areas and an 81% of those jobs having a direct civilian role equivalent, there’s no reason to not tap into this diverse, experienced, quality talent pool. Don’t miss these simple, easy-to-implement tips…


iRevü: What the Experts REALLY Think About Performance Management

Performance reviews have been a long-time subject of debate. With the implementation of new HR technologies like automated microfeedback, people are starting to question whether regular performance reviews are useful at all. Shockingly, only 8% of companies believe their performance review process is highly effective—so why waste the time? We asked three performance review pros, and here’s what they said:

Management CyberGrants: Measuring CSR’s Impact: You Can’t Measure What You Don’t Know

The tech world has introduced data and quantitative measurements to just about every part of our lives. This even includes the emotionally charged decisions we make, like that of corporate social responsibility programs. Of course, there is good reason behind the decision to measure outcome and effects of those efforts. On the side of donors and volunteers, knowing the effectiveness of their dollars and time can help inform future contributions. Read more…