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#RedBranchWeekly: What Kind of Impact Do You Make at Work?

It’s time to ask yourself.

WorkAre you the positive, happy coworker who always has something nice to say? Are you the strong, serious leader who commands attention and authority? Or are you the humorous, but wacky employee who always gives your coworkers a good laugh? Whatever you may be, you make an impact on your workforce. This week, our clients take dive into the impact we make at work. Whether you’re recognizing employees for a job well done, or spreading laughter and cheer around the office; you make an impact.

So, take a look at our client highlights for this week, and don’t forget to share the #RedBranchWeekly with your social friend!

This week in the #RedBranchWeekly:

ClearCompany: The True Impact of Employee Recognition

Good Job Note Card, Pen And CoffeeThe workforce is an ever-growing, ever-evolving entity and as it changes, so do the processes that maintain great performance. More and more Millennials are joining the workforce bringing light to just how little this generation cares about monetary rewards. In fact, money does little to sustain honest and intrinsic motivation brought about by the acknowledgement of a job well done, no matter how big or small.

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GreenJobInterview: The ABC’s of Video Interviewing

Video-InterviewingIs there such a thing as peer pressure in the professional world? Yes, but it’s called keeping up with the competition. Even though we are taught as teenagers to never fall into peer pressure, in the workplace, we are expected to do what keeps us ahead of the competition. So, considering 59.1% of companies use video interviewing, you might want to at least catch up with the crowd.

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Herd Wisdom: 8 Ways to Make People Happier at Work That You Haven’t Tried

HappyYou’ve probably got all the common bases covered like bonuses, recognition or company picnics. Those are great, but the day-to-day of our workplace routine can get a little dull, and no amount of bonuses or barbeques is going to change that. These are some lighthearted, simple ways that you can personally make work a better place to be.

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Recruiterbox: Habits of the Most Skilled Workers: Part 1 – The Good

Skilled-RecruitersMost candidates are not fortunate enough to have a good recruitment process, considering only 5% of them rank their experience as “good.” So, where have we lost touch? It’s a clear indicator that some recruiters need a reassessment of their tech knowledge and people skills. However, a combination of both of these attributes results in an alignment with company goals. How do your recruiters match up? 

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Visibility Software: 3 Reasons Candidates Reject YOU!

YCandidates Rejectou’ve been under the impression that your recruiting methods are faultless; but my friend, you’re terribly wrong. Slowly, you’ve begun to notice a declining number of quality candidates applying for job openings. That fateful day has arrived, and you’ve realized that candidates are actively rejecting you as their choice employer. You can’t help but ask yourself “why?”

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Vitru: The Three Egghead Words That Can Transform Your Workforce

Lights of ideasAs attraction, retention and engagement are all rising to the top of every employer’s concerns, this workforce science is becoming far more of a necessity. Even for a small business, assembling effective and successful teams is a struggle, but as organizations grow, the thoughtful crafting of these teams falls farther down on the to-do list.

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