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#RedBranchWeekly: What is HR & Recruiting of Tomorrow?

By Marissa Litty:

Without a doubt, technology is influencing every part of our lives including HR and talent acquisition. Experts have mixed opinions on what this could mean for the future. Will the humanity in Human Resources be eliminated by artificial intelligence? Will predictive tools cause great candidates to go unhired? Time will only tell how HR tech like AI recruiting and predictive analytics will change how we hire and manage employees. However, as we look at emerging tools, we can’t help but be excited by the possibility of improving the process. Here are a few instances of how tech is helping teams from our partners at XOR, IQTalent and CyberGrants.

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XOR: Why AI Isn’t Taking the Human Out of Human Resources

AI has caused quite a ruckus. Unfortunately, many fear a robot takeover like that of a dystopian novel. I like a good sci-fi story as much as the next person (Portal is one of my all-time favorite games after all), but AI just isn’t that sort of issue. Tools like the ones XOR explores in this article actually help humans better focus on, well, recruiting other humans. Tech has a way of automating process more efficiently and with better accuracy so pros can focus their attention on connecting with their talent. Take a look at this article and see all the ways recruiting AI can benefit a very human HR and recruiting process.

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IQTalent: Traditional Hiring Isn’t Enough: Captivating Changes Joining the Recruitment Process

recruiting team modern office brainstormTraditional hiring practices are always changing. A few decades ago, “traditional” would be classified ads in a newspaper. Now, it’s a job ad with a description posted on a career site or board. At the end of it all, there’s still the waiting for an application and resume. Sure, there are variances as some companies invite the use of social media, networking, texting, etc. but does incorporating these elements really make for a better process overall? Check out this collection of stories Chris Murdock shares from his own experience in sourcing and recruiting.

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CyberGrants: 5 Fast Facts About Our Upgraded Employee Engagement System

hands laptop keyboard techTech isn’t just changing the way we source and hire. HR is benefiting from some better systems and tools. Employee engagement in CSR is one of those things that’s difficult to measure, manage and build. Workers want their employers to offer CSR programs and yet participation often wanes over time. CyberGrants knows how much of a missed opportunity this could be, so they created this quick read. It explores some incredible ways tech is improving employee engagement in CSR programs.

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