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#RedBranchWeekly: Where to Start When You Need a New HR Strategy

No one’s perfect, and that includes your HR strategy. It’s about that time a year again when execs are looking over practices and processes assessing what’s working and what’s not. What do you when it’s time to start over with your HR strategy? Our clients have just the things for you this week. ClearCompany started out with a video on the benefits of strengthening your talent alignment. iRevü dished out the payoffs effective performance coaching has for your organization. Reviewsnap jumped in with the best practices to navigating tricky performance management.

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talent-alignmentClearCompany: [Video] 5 Ways Strengthening Talent Alignment Benefits Your HR Strategy

Did you know employees are 7X more likely to be engaged when they report that their managers are aware of the tasks and projects that they are working on? With a Talent Alignment Platform, employees and leaders collaborate together, which increases business performance. Learn more!


hr-strategyiRevü: 5 Payoffs of Effective Performance Coaching

Performance coaching levels the playing field. The concept is defined as an ongoing process which helps build and maintain effective employee and supervisory relationships. Read more…


performance-managementReviewsnap: Spooky Performance? Giving Feedback to the Sanderson Sisters in Your Organization

The Sanderson Sisters are coming out to play this Halloween, and as a manager or department lead, you can’t let them put their spell on you. If you’re finding your performance is flying out the window on a broom, here’s how to work your own magic to keep your performance management in line…


hr strategyPeopleTicker: 5 Ways to Minimize Contingent Labor Costs in 2017

The contingent workforce, when hired and managed efficiently, can present cost savings, bridge skills gaps and even add a competitive and innovative edge. Many companies face the question of acquiring contingent workers in a time of business influx or when facing the extended leave of a key team member. Keep reading…


hr-strategyCyberGrants: Which Philanthropy Impact Model Is Right for You?

Organizations focused on doing good are interested in seeing the impact their contribution is making. Often a complicated feat, the hope is to better understand what will make the most influence in the future. Learn about the four very distinct CSR impact models and how those strategies affect philanthropic efforts in business…