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#RedBranchWeekly Learn About Passive Candidates, Talent Analytics, and Tips on Social Recruiting

Red Branch Media has had a very exciting week! Check out some of our client wins and new developments from the past week.

This week in The #RedBranchWeekly:

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Should Passive Candidates be Part of that Wider Net?

“There has been a lot of outcry against recruiters and HR pros showing a bias against those candidates who report gaps in employment, or citing trouble in finding a job. Recruiters have pulled away from these notions and by in large, switched their focus to only active candidates.”

Talent Analytics and Your ATS

All of the data and information that you have been collecting over the years has finally paid off. Now using this data to find the best candidates is actually helping recruiters and hr professionals.

Decrease Time-to-Fill with These 3 #Hacks

Recruiters and Hiring Managers are constantly looking for ways to decrease their time-to-fill with candidates. Recruiterbox lends some helpful hacks to get that position filled as soon as possible.

Don’t Feel Intimidated by the Buzz Word – Tips on “Social Recruiting”

 “A recent infographic from Staff.com reports that 92 percent of the companies researched use social media for recruiting purposes.” In this article they give some pretty great tips on how to use technology cohesively with social sites to find candidates.

Don’t Screen at the Top of Your Lungs

 “Many recruiters will do a lot of groundwork to get to the interview process without having any clear understanding of what the position actually entails. At this point, they have already weeded out candidates that could very well have been qualified, and passed through candidates who may be seriously under qualified.”

Tips to Encourage Mutual Respect at Work

Respect at work isn’t always just a given. It is something that has to be earned and you continually need to work at it. Herd Wisdom gives some great tips on how to engage your employees and earn their respect.

90% of New Skills are Lost Within a Year

It’s the truth! You spend all of this money on training yet your employees are not retaining most of the information. How do you change this? Check this article out to see how a LMS can help your organization.