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Remote Workers: 16 Million & Growing (Infographic)

Remote-WorkersWorking from home is a luxury many Americans have… more than 16 million to be exact! With 79% of U.S. workers saying they would like to work from home at least part of the time, it’s obvious that telecommuting is a growing workplace trend. In fact, telecommuting isn’t just a trend; it’s hopefully here to stay. Check out this infographic from SurePayroll to see how much remote working is projected to increase in the next 4 years. You’ll be surprised (in a good way)!

Don’t forget to take a look at the other stats in this infographic to see how remote working is benefiting our environment and economy, too.

Does your company already provide telecommuting options?

You don’t need convinced, but everyone can use a few tips. Scroll to the bottom of the infographic to see SurePayroll‘s top 10 tips for remote workers.

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photo credit: infocux Technologies via photopin cc