SHRM 2013

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Unfortunately, I will not be in attendance of #SHRM13 this year and I’m pretty sad. #SHRM13 looks as if it will be pretty epic this year. There are lots of great sessions and speakers lined up. I wanted to put together a list of sessions and events that seem like a lot of fun but also really informative.


This year Hillary Clinton is the keynote speaker. I absolutely love her, I can only imagine how great of a speech she is going to give. While there isn’t a great deal of information about her speech online, I will be watching tweets and LinkedIn updates from attendees to get the full scoop. She will be speaking Sunday, June 16th.

Kelly_Clarkson_SHRM_2013Kelly Clarkson is going to be at #SHRM13 performing Tuesday night. I
can’t believe I am going to miss seeing her. She has an amazing voice I bet her concert is going to be fantastic. If I know my boss, she’ll be screaming along to “What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger.”

I will be active in chats (hashtag #SHRM13) as the conference goes on and I’m psyched to follow these sessions:

As the Social Media World Turns: Strategies for Effectively Engaging Employees Through Social Media. David W. Miller is the speaker and he is a Senior Consultant for Avatar HR Solutions. David is going to explain the importance of having a social media policy and also, how to actively engage with employees through social outlets. Our client Recruiterbox wrote about this topic here.

Session #810: Strategies For Monitoring and Controlling Employee Use of Social Media. This has to be an interesting session with all the buzz about allowing social media activity in the workplace. It’s always a hot topic on the blogs and I think this session will be no different. In fact, I wager many will be interested in the word “controlling”, especially Maren. See some of her opinions here.

Using Social Media to Drive Your Employment BrandTara Noonan Amaral is going to be speaking during this session. I am going to try follow this one because she will give out a bunch of great tips that could benefit me as I help my clients with their social media efforts. Our client Universum Global has some great tips on how to work with Employment Brand here.

I am a believer in outplacement programs being offered to employees as part of their benefits package. Marketing Your Benefits: Developing a More Effective Strategy to Educate and Engage Employees About Benefits Options will be a session I will keep up on. Red Branch Media client Careerminds has written some amazing content about this very topic.

So, not to be a pain or anything but if one of you could get me an autograph from either Kelly Clarkson or Hillary Clinton I would greatly appreciate it!

What about you? What session are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments, or find Maren at SHRM!