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Young woman in hat with tablet pc at the beachRelax!

We’ve got you covered with our Red Branch Media weekend update. Whether you’ve had a chance to get a little R&R or you’re settling for a mini vacay from the office this week, we hope you take a few seconds to check out these 15 articles our clients and RBM published this week. We promise there’s something in here for you. Plus, s/o to EBN and the Huffington Post for mentioning our client Recruiterbox!

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Cloud-Based Recruiting Software Streamlines Small Business Hiring   |   Recruiterbox mention via EBN

Assembling the Right Hiring Tools for Your Small Business   |   Recruiterbox mention via Huffington Post

#TChat Preview: The Power Of Professional Prospecting   |   TalentCulture

Diversity in the Workplace is Important as Ever   |   Marenated.com

Social Recruiting Trends And LinkedIn   |   TalentCulture

How Do Your Compensation Practices Stack Up?   |  Recruiterbox

Why Aspirational HR Drives Business   |   TalentCulture

Best Practices in Ultra-Successful Employee Engagement Programs   |   Herd Wisdom

Your Candidate Experience Questions Answered   |   GreenJobInterview

Employee Recognition in Training   |   Visibility Software

4 Ways to Improve Your Nonverbal Communication   |   Marenated.com

What Recruiters Can Learn From Abandoned Shopping Carts   |   Recruiter.com

Can You Recruit Like Willy Wonka?   |   Marenated.com

Fact: Attractive People Are Hired Sooner   |   Marenated.com

Should I Stay or Should I Go?   |   Recruiter.com

Payroll Software – Let’s Make it Interesting   |   Peoplefluent

People Skills Not Optional   |   Recruiter.com