Social Channels Have Taken Control

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Originally written and posted on April 25, 2012.

Why your Career Site is not as Important as you Think

medium_5311418867Spend any time in marketing, as recently as 2010 and you would have had one goal in mind: drive traffic back to the website. Even as social channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora and YouTube made marketing an ever increasing web, still the ultimate goal was to get the candidate or client back to the site so you could… sell them on how awesome you are.

But that is changing and it’s been changing quite rapidly. Social channels have graduated to platforms and audiences aren’t as keen to shift from place to place, finding much of many of their needs met (including classic behaviors like research, purchasing, and consuming media) on the platforms that just five years ago were brand new. Consider this recent intro from a Fast Company interview with marketing pros from colossus consulting firm Deloitte:

Today, however, the cyber world has shifted. And a a new end game is being played that has everything to do with the customer–not the company. Multi-channel marketing, from tablets to smartphones to videos, has moved the center of the digital universe from the website to the customer. The new dictum is: Be relevant and discoverable everywhere your customer is.

The website as the “hub” has lost its place, but not because the website is no longer effective, but because it’s very difficult to satisfy multiple audiences with one kind of content on one single platform. In essence, the hub itself is less important and in many cases does not exist. It has broadened to an inclusive strategy that takes into account multiple platforms. Read more…

photo credit: blinkingidiot via photopin cc