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RecruiterEven though this workweek was shortened, the Red Branch team and its clients put in same major work. This week, we announced the release of a mobile interviewing application from our client, GreenJobInterview. This mobile hiring app allows you to take the interview into your own hands. Literally. It’s even available on iOs and Android. Check out the GreenJobInterview mobile app here.

Don’t forget to look at some of our client highlights from this week!

This week in the #RedBranchWeekly:

Finding the Right Talent Management System and What to Do Next

Finding a talent management system is easy, finding the right talent management system can take a little more work. Read more…

Hire Anywhere: GreenJobInterview Expands Hiring Technology with Redesigned, Platform-Agnostic Mobile Application

HR Technology leader, GreenJobInterview, reveals a new mobile app on both iOS and Android that allows candidates, recruiters and human resource professionals to interview, apply, collaborate and hire in near real-time. Read the full release here…

What is Transparency?

Organizational transparency has come to be considered the concept of facilitating public access to corporate information that is traditionally kept private. That’s fine and dandy, but we want to talk about transparency within the organization; on every level, for every worker. Read more…

How To Succeed at a Career Fair by Really Trying

It’s the perfect time to figure out what to wear, how to act and how NOT to ruin your chances for employment at a career fair. We here at HR Acuity attend career fairs frequently and as a result have compiled quite the Career Fair Manual. Read more…

Online Job Interviews (Infographic)

Video interviewing is on the rise, enhancing the face-to-face interview experience….online. It is convenient for candidates, but it has really made an impact for hiring managers and recruiters.  Read more…

5 Crazy US Skill Gap Stats Every Recruiter Should Know About

This new roadblock for employers looking for the right talent isn’t going away any time soon, and it’s changing the world of recruiting. Take a look at a few eye-opening US skill gap stats from across the internet. Read more…

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