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“Sorry, That’s Not My Job.”

Originally posted on Recruiter.com November 5, 2013.

Getting Around those Four Nasty Words: “That’s Not My Job”

Notworking_Notmyjob_SorryManagers and co-workers cringe when they hear the words, “That’s not my job”. It’s like hearing a bratty 3-year old say, “I don’t wanna”. There is going to come a time when a worker will be asked to do work outside of their normal set of tasks. That’s just how business goes. Whether someone on the team is fired, has quit, they’re on vacation or sick, there will be, on more than one occasion, the need for workers to expand their duties.

It’s one thing for a manager to constantly pile work on an employee outside of their area of expertise, but it is quite another to ask an employee to pitch in and be a team player. As part of an organization, there are deadlines and goals to be met, it should be understood those goals and deadlines are everyone’s responsibility.

Hire Right

Everyone will cite, “Works well with others” as one of their strengths in an interview, but do they work well for others? When sourcing and hiring candidates, companies should look for candidates who areeager to push the company forward, as an individual and as a team member. Candidates who see the big picture, realize that the end result is what matters, not how you get there. Continue Reading…