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Space Cowboys, Hipster Mustaches & the Women of Your Workforce

Do those 3 go together?

Not quite… but they do in the Red Branch Media Weekend Update! This week’s content is broken down into 4 sections. If you’re interested in everything HR, recruiting and hiring, then I suggest taking a look at Maren’s article on PeopleFluent and Broadbean’s piece on the changing role of the HR Pro. If you’re on the business side of things, be sure to check out how to treat the women in your workforce right! Are you a small business owner or trying to grow your startup company? Then, check out Recruiterbox’s tips on hiring.

Don’t forget to take a look at our special content. We have an amazing whitepaper from RelinkLabs that you HAVE to download.  We also are moving right along in the Talent Lifecycle Series by ClearCompany. Make sure to check out parts 5 and 6!

Get Them Here:

The Hidden Value in External Candidate Data   |   RelinkLabs

A Clear View of the Talent Lifecycle: Compensation [Part 5]   |   ClearCompany

A Clear View of the Talent Lifecycle: Succession Planning [Part 6]   |   ClearCompany


Recruiting, Hiring & HR

The Multi-Faceted Role of HR   |   Broadbean

4 Tips for Effective Job Ads   |   Maren on PeopleFluent

How to Optimize Your #1 Source of External Hires   |   Broadbean

The Space Cowboys of Video Interviewing   |   GreenJobInterview

Just Text Your Millennial Candidate Already!   |   Shaley on Recruiter.com

Your 5 Onboarding Danger Zones   |   Visibility Software


Leadership & Management

5 Legit Reasons Your CEO Isn’t on Social Media   |   Marenated

Calling All Employers: Support Your Women in the Workforce or Suffer   |   Kerry on Recruiter.com

The Business Value of Recruitment   |   Maren on Recruiter.com

When Marketing and HR Love Each Other Very, Very Much…   |   Broadbean


Small Business & Startup Tips:

#FirstInHR: Too Many Applicants, Too Little Time   |   Recruiterbox

What Your Hipster Mustache Says About Your Workstyle   |   Recruiter.com

Editor’s Note: When It’s OK to Ditch What You Learned in College   |   Marenated



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