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How Technology is Beating Humans in the Recruiting Race

Recruiting RaceThe future is coming to get you. For the longest time, folks have railed against the idea that a recruitment technology can do what human recruiters can do. But the truth is, when it comes to automation and tactics, we may be losing that fight. The technology of today can already source a little better, find stored resumes a little faster and automate workflows when the human mind forgets. In fact, recent APA research reveals that machines are even better at making the ultimate call on an applicant.

“Our analysis of 17 studies of applicant evaluations shows that a simple equation outperforms human decisions by at least 25%. The effect holds in any situation with a large number of candidates, regardless of whether the job is on the front line, in middle management, or (yes) in the C-suite.”

So is the future of recruiting all about algorithms and technology and less about the study of people? There are two reasons the answer is no.

Candidate Experience

Candidate experience continues to increase in importance and hiring professionals are crucial to the experience. As technology continues to get more advanced, it is possible for more candidates to have deeper and more contextual interactions with recruiters and hiring managers. The standard trio of tech making this possible are: mobile, social and video. The newest addition are the automation tools traditionally used in marketing, which allow nurturing campaigns, retargeted ads to prevent dropoff and analytics that give insight to how job communications are actually working. While technology has made and is making these candidate “touches” more possible, it takes a skilled recruiter (or hiring professional) to set these dominos in motion.

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Originally posted on Glassdoor on May 5, 2014

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