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It’s no secret that I’m a bit of a conference groupie. I love the booths, the familiar faces and the after hours meetups. For all our social networking, often it’s face to face interactions that still take business to the next level. As a consultant, vendor, practitioner and community manager, I’ve always found sessions to be informative but maintained that you learn quite a bit by diving into the expo floor. After all, these vendors paid to be here, have something concrete to show you and if you peek past the pens and bouncy balls, you can find some pretty innovative stuff, designed (hopefully) to make your job as a recruiter, hiring manager or HR Pro easier.

I attended the HR Demo show last December and I’m excited to be attending again. Why? Because HR Demo turns the traditional conference model on its head, making the vendors the spotlight and the attendees the focus. When you sit down in a session, you get to see a live demo, ask any question you like, or take notes during an active demo, warts and all. That’s a beautiful thing because it puts the purchaser in complete control. For inquiring minds, this is an HR Technology dream.

What if…?

Why doesn’t it…?

How can you…?

Does it run on…?

Taken out of the context of slick marketing materials and well rehearsed webinars, a live software demonstration with a no-holds barred Q&A period brings out questions developers didn’t think of and applications the marketing pros maybe hadn’t counted on. It’s a win-win. The software gets better from your input and the demo team proves their mettle as knowledgeable experts (and quick thinkers!)

HR Demo is the answer to the question I’ve been asking at every booth of every conference in our space since 2007. Tell me more…

Now point me toward the after party.