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The Best Damn B2B Marketing Posts on the Planet

Hey! We’re the marketing team at Red Branch Media, a full-service marketing agency that does everything from social to strategy, CPL to CMO, ebooks to email lists, lead generation to….well, you get the point. The point, if you didn’t get it, is that we do a lot of really cool stuff! And we’re good at it! And we have templates, tips, tricks and advice up the yin-yang. And we share it all here, all the time.

But we get it, maybe you don’t come to the blog as often as you SHOULD, and perhaps you weren’t aware that we have SEO tips posted weekly, Kristine’s Cartoons, design tutorials from Kyle and the venerated #6Things. Now you know. Here are some of my favorites from 2015 (and I edit every single one, I would know…)


B2B-marketingIntegrating social media with SEO

In #SEOTips Tuesdays, Noelle Murphy helps us decipher the language and best practices of Organic Search. In one of her most read posts, she explains why social media and SEO go together like peas and carrots and gives useful tips for optimizing each network. Here’s one: Twelve tweets a day will crank the ranks. Read SEO and Social Media




b2b-marketingTreating New Hires Right

Kristine’s Cartoons has been one of the funnest additions to our blog this year and we love how she perfectly captures our corporate culture. Here, she shows off New Brancher Trivia (a fun and engaging way to get to know our interns and new hires). While the cartoons are fun, we pack the blog with stats so you get information along with your peek behind the curtain of Red Branch Media. Check out How to Win New Brancher Trivia.





b2b-marketingDo you know what’s in your sales deck?

Chances are, it’s all out of order. Based on a metric gajilion sales decks created, edited, written and pitched, yours truly gives her best advice on the right way to write a sales deck. It’s good advice that will shorten demos, increase sales and prolly make the entire experience more pleasant for everyone. Listen to podcast: Building a Successful Sales Deck.




b2b-marketingDon’t want to hire Red Branch Media but still want amazing design?

Follow Kyle’s Design 101 series. One of the best posts (that’s truly for beginners!) is How to Create A Ebook Mockup in a Few Easy Steps. It takes you through every last step of creating your own ebook mockup (just like hubspot does!) Read the ebook tutorial here and grab the rest of the Design 101 series.


b2b-marketingCommunicating Your Employer Brand through Social Media (Part 1 & 2)

Everyone loves a good series and Eric has given us one in this 2-part series about communicating your employer brand through social media. Employer branding was a huge focus for us this year. From a multinational food corporation, to a pharmaceutical giant to regional staffing firms, we had the opportunity to build out some serious employer branding campaigns. Eric gives us the next steps to communicating those. Learn how to communicate YOUR employer brand.


b2b-marketingThe 6 Worst Employees EVAR!

Look, at Red Branch Media, we all like each other a lot, but in other offices, we’ve heard that some employee stereotypes exist. For instance, do you have a Chatty Cathy or a Brown-nose Bruce? Well, forget them, here are the ones that are really wrecking company culture for everyone! If you want to know which Co-Worker Stereotypes drive Millennials crazy, just ask Cody. Find yourself in The 6 Worst Employees Ever.



b2b-marketingBlogger Copycats

Ain’t nobody copying you! At least, that was my contention in this post, which while not even remotely popular, was incredibly interesting to write. You should read it snowflake. For real, it is important because when you read a lot, write a lot and build products, people will (even inadvertently) copy you. Be flattered instead of pissed. Tom Petty, Blogger Copycats and You.



b2b-marketingManaging the Talent Lifecycle is NOT easy.

Shalaina writes a #RedBranchWeekly every…well obviously, every week. This one is particularly awesome due to her incredible curation skills. Check out her round-up of articles that tell you how to manage talent from sourcing through outplacement without skipping a beat! Managing Engagement from Candidates to Employees.




You can’t turn employer branding around in a day.b2b-marketing 

But YOU CAN build an audit template in a day and start the process. Shaley shows us how to do it (this is the same process we use to build employer branding audits at Red Branch Media) and what to include. Learn how to create your own employer branding audit process here.



b2b-marketingIf you write 5 proposals per week (some weeks!) you get pretty good at writing proposals that get signed.

Marissa has the process down and shares it with us. B2B Marketing is tough to do and even tougher to sell, here’s how to sell it by writing a great proposal. A 2-part series, this breaks the proposal process down into a series of steps you can implement easily. Read 6 Steps to Writing a Business Proposal That Sells.


b2b-marketingNeed your employees to take responsibility?

Here’s a great primer by Kayleigh for how to get your people to take some initiative, so much initiative that they’ll be behaving like owners in now time. Read How to Get Employees to Act Like Owners of the Business





Employee Turnover: Is it a problem in your company?b2b-marketing 

You may say no but after reading Kerry’s take on the subject, you might just change your mind. With employee engagement costing more than $500 billion per year to the U.S. economy, don’t let one bad apple poison the rest of the barrel. Here’s the entire look at employee turnover and how to be proactive in your organization.


There you have it, the Best Damn B2B Marketing and Leadership Posts on the Planet, according to us, who wrote them and are very objective. Want to work with us now? No, okay, check out our resources then…