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#RedBranchWeekly: The Incredible Power of Goal Alignment

By Tridia Tshimanga:

“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal.” — Earl Nightingale

Every organization understands the importance of setting goals but without setting proper guidelines, achieving higher goals can be somewhat of a challenge – the solution: creating goals that align your employees’ and teams’ goals to your organizational objectives.

In this Weekly, our partners from Caliper, Inspire, and Kilterly provides insight on how to effectively align employees’ goals with your organizational goals for better engagement and performance in the workplace. Let’s go!

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Caliper: Professional Development: Goals to Turn Better Managers into Great Leaders

Managers working together to become better leaders. For many managers, one of the most important responsibilities of their day-to-day tasks is helping employees set and meet their objectives in the workplace. About  30% of employees strongly agree that their managers involve them in helping them set their goals at work. However, sometimes it can seem easy for managers to lose sight of their own goals at hand. After all, professional development and goal-setting can play a huge part in an individual’s success within the organization. When managers can grasp and identify their own goals, not only are they able to improve their performance but become the effective leaders their employees need them to be.

#RedBranchWeekly: For managers to be effective leaders, it's important to set clear, measurable, and realistic #goals to be the leader your employees need you to be. Learn more in @CaliperCorp's latest article: Click To Tweet

Inspire: Four Reasons You Need to be Thinking About Goal Alignment 

A team working together on how to align their workplace goals. Do you know what your organization’s greatest asset is? It’s your employees! So wouldn’t you want to ensure that each employees’ goals are aligned with your company’s overall objective? About 14% of companies stated that their workers understand their company’s strategy, goals, and direction. In Inspire’s latest article, they give us a look into how developing and aligning employees’ goals can help improve performance and engagement in the workplace. So, what are you waiting for? Check it out!

Setting achievable individual and team #goals that align with your organization's objectives can improve employee engagement and performance. Discover more in @InspireSoftware's latest post: Click To Tweet

Kilterly: Customer Success: Being One with Marketing and Sales

Two female customer success consultants working together to align their sales and marketing teams.

Every business environment has many different cross-functional groups that have their own individual goals and priorities, especially when it comes to your sales and marketing teams. When done right, aligning your teams can be the defining success of your company. In this article, Kilterly provides five strategies to help build and achieve alignment within your sales and marketing teams. When organizations focus on aligning their teams’ goals, employees are able to stay on track, feel more engaged, and improve performance along the way.

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