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The Red Branch Weekly: Recruiting Hacks, Technology, and Improving Your Candidate Experience #RedBranchWeekly

Red Branch Media has had a very exciting week! Check out some of our client wins and new developments from the past week.

This week in The #RedBranchWeekly:

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The Other Re-Recruiting

Are you familiar with the term re-recruiting? This week Visibility Software breaks down how re-recruiting can really benefit an organization. After all aren’t we all focusing on our employee brand these days?

#Hack Your Candidate Experience with These 4 Tech Tips

There has been a of buzz around the candidate experience for a while now. It’s great because we are making people feel valued in our industry. But when or where does the candidate experience actually start? Recruiterbox thinks that it starts with the correct technology and the correct use of it. After all when someone applies isn’t it usually through some sort of technology?

Creating Culture on Top: How Fortune’s 3 Best Companies to Work For Did It

“Maintaining an effective culture is so important that it, in facttrumps even strategy.”

Company culture doesn’t just involve managers and employees, it needs to start at the head of the company. Just like Emily Jasper discussed this week on #nextchat, we need to create a groundswell within our companies and in order to do that we need to involve everyone.

4 Tech #Hacks for Smooth Onboarding

In this article they give you some great advice on technology you could implement into your hiring process. Most hiring managers or HR professionals have an ATS, hopefully they are using Video interviewing, and also taking advantage of a training solution. If they aren’t they might be falling behind in their efforts.

3 Traditional Hiring Practices to Ditch

In this post GreenJobInterview talks about ways to make your hiring better. There are many different processes that we can improve on daily. Have you recently considered hiring an ex-employee? How about introducing technology like video interviewing to your process to save time and money?

Tech Workers: The Ball is in Their Court

Is it difficult for you to hire technology workers? Today the market is in dire need of them. Many are saying no to positions that they are offered because the salary is not what they desire. How can we find those tech workers and attract them to our companies? For starters, you better be using technology, and you better work on that employer brand. Second, Tech workers are a hot commodity right now and they know it. So, offer them a salary that will be fair and don’t try to low-ball them.

Employee Engagement – Allow Your Employees To Play, Create, Succeed!

“Employee engagement will take a huge leap forward when they are allowed to be successful on their own terms. Allow workers some leeway in their jobs. Allow them to “play, create, succeed” and watch your company prosper.”

Why Most Performance Reviews Suck and How to Move Forward

Everyone has had a performance review in the past. Hopefully some of you had one recently that meant either a raise and/or a new position. How many people actually had one and it was complete crap? Could you tell that your manager took little to no time to complete it? How many people were just reprimanded instead of praised for all the hard work that they produced? This post will help you become better at giving and receiving performance reviews.

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