This Week at Red Branch: Health Care Costs, Scary Interviews, & Is LinkedIn Endangering Resumes?

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We have been very busy reading, writing, and posting all over the internet for clients this week. Here is a quick glance of what we’ve been up to at Red Branch Media.

Have you heard of the new “Apply with Linkedin button”? It’s really cool! Visibility Software seems to think that it could take place of traditional resumes.

How LinkedIn is Putting Resumes on the Endangered List

small  6290003115Oh the fickle world of HR and recruiting practices, processes and tools. With tools and technology, you’re in one day and out the next. No sooner had we embraced professional resume writers and eye scanning technology to better the art of the resume, than came along LinkedIn and their fancy application technology.

LinkedIn is quickly killing the resume. They have a new feature enables candidates to apply for jobs using their LinkedIn profile rather than uploading a resume. All of the latest and greatest recruiting software platforms are using this efficient new tool. By making this feature available to users and job applicants, this feature is setting the bar for what we can expect from our applicant tracking systems.

Have you seen or used this “Apply with LinkedIn” button? It’s fantastic, read why here.

Recruiterbox posted an article about the interview process and how some companies are succeeding with their candidates and how some aren’t.

The Interview Process -It Could Be Worse!

The interview process can be rough, nerve-racking and even scary. As sweat starts to make that freshly pressed button down stick to your back, you start to second-guess yourself, and you can never be too sure what you’re walking into. For most of us, this is the nature of the interview, and there are some companies that fully embrace the fear inducing aspects of the interview process. Read all about them here.

Careerminds posted an article about the very popular topic: Health care. They break down some statistics to help you understand the costs of the new health care reform.

What’s Up With These Ridiculous Health Care Costs?

Times are changing in HR departments across the nation. Rising healthcare costs are forcing businesses to raise healthcare premiums to an unprecedented level, or not offer healthcare at all. The rise in healthcare costs far exceeds the general rate of inflation.

With new healthcare reforms coming, this battle is going to get tougher. Consumers and small employers alike are finding it nearly impossible to afford their health insurance premiums. According to an Aetna study, only 50% of businesses with fewer than 10 employees offered coverage in 2012. Click here to take a look at why these costs are so steadily rising.

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